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Default Re: [GAME] Incorporate a Cyberpunk Megacorp

Question 21 [MC][Name 5] - Implants
What 5 pieces of implanted technology has TIO brought to the market in their last product release? Are they "Highlighted" in any particular way?
Answer 21 [MC][1/5] Implant- LinguaVox D-Series

From What's Ware Today? - The Cybertech Reviews Channel

Following the success of their AngelVox voizer arrays, TIO is capitalising on their reputation in the speech-tech world with a new concept - natural language emulation! By plugging into the speech centres of the brain, the LinguaVox D-Series picks up a speech act you've formulated in your own language, translates it to your selected output language, then its articulator module takes control of your vocal tract to let your thoughts come out in that language. It literally puts the words in your mouth!

The seven-node articulator connects to your diaphragm, pharynx and glottis - controlling the basic AngelVox inserts - as well as the tongue, jaw and upper and lower lips.

Naturally, you'll want to understand what the other person says back to you, so the LinguaVox includes an auditory nerve inducer to relay the translated conversation.

As is the new TIO design principle, the main controller is externally mounted below the mandibular joint, with stylish fibre conduits running along the jaw to the lips, all available in subtle lavender, pearl, shell pink or maroon stylings on a faux-bakelite texture.

But enough of the commercial copy - what do the users think? Among all the nine-star ratings, a few grumbles show that the LinguaVox has some teething problems. Many say that the high latency in producing speech means it's still a way off from making you sound like a native speaker. Another issue is that the audio loop sometimes picks up your own speech and translates it back to you, creating very confusing feedback. Others find the implant's motor control "marionette-effect" to be quite disturbing.

But the biggest bug is this - think about how the implant picks up your sub-spoken thoughts and emits them for you… But what if that thought was not for public consumption? Users are sharing their "Did I just say that out loud?" moments on day-recorder channels. The one where a poor guy is introduced to his girlfriend's father for the first time descends into the old ultra-violence quite rapidly.

Our What to Ware Ranking = 7/9


Question 36 [STG] - Cyberware and Cyborgs
What's the state of cybertech in 2099?
How common is cyberware in general? What about for casual or professional use? For fashion? And how common is combat cyberware on the street?
How common are full cyborgs?

Question 37 [STG] - Androids and Bioroids
Do we commonly have androids or bioroids/replicants getting around?
Collaborative Settings:
Cyberpunk: Duopoly Nation
Space Opera: Behind the King's Eclipse
And heaps of forum collabs, 30+ and counting!

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