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Default Re: Weapon Mastery, the long and winding road

I can't imagine not being able to "save" IQ points for talent learning later on. If a guy wants to start with just rudimentary skills to basically fight, thats fine with me.

I don't see any logical reason why he would have to use up all his talent points at initial generation? that's just crazy talk.

In fact, the basic logical approach that a new character is constantly learning as he adventures, or just works his day job, or studies academically, would imply that he probably shouldn't fill up his "capacity" to learn new skills on Day 1.

As a fledgling fighter character, I might have skills developed for sword/knife and shield, but I'm " working on " a few others, maybe quite a few others...which will take quite some time, especially if I'm co-developing several skills along the way, so holding back a few IQ points to representing my future studies and potential mastery only makes sense.

And in fact I would role play just that...

I would occasionally attempt my hopeful skills, like possibly abandoning my sword n board approach, and attempting two swords at a minus, or practice throwing that boomerang, or knuckling up and working on my unarmed combat etc...

I never liked to say NO to my players, that wanted to attempt some borderline actions, just assign appropriate penalties, it added lots of flavor to the game, and the occasional amazing success roll provided for an epic tale at a later time.
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