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Default Re: Favorite Gnomco Products

Gnomco Adventure Seeds

Plant one of these babies in the ground and just wait overnight! They will grow into an exciting adventure!

Roll 1d6:
  1. A large tree with a root-lined passage under it leading to a lost dungeon of yore. Or maybe of your id. Gnomco is not responsible for rampant symbolism.
  2. A yard-thick herbaceous stem rises into the sky, where an adventure awaits in the clouds. Don't fumble that climbing roll!
  3. A hedge maze filled with mystery, minotaurs, and magic. Also mayonnaise for some reason. The mayonnaise is delicious.
  4. A small bush with 7 ominous red fruit, 7 perfect yellow fruit, 7 rough skinned green fruit, and 7 spiky black fruit. Eat one to be gifted with power, guided to enlightenment, and geased with a quest.
  5. A ground hugging vine grew huge gourds which have burst from the inside. The former contents of the gourds are now ravaging the countryside.
  6. A dandelion. Four huge dragons surround it, each facing out at one of the cardinal directions. The dragons will protect this small flower with their very lives. Ask them why, we dare you.

Do not combine Gnomco Adventure Seeds with Gnomco Campaign Promise Grade Fertilizer.
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