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Default Re: Giant Question

Originally Posted by xane View Post
As surface area quadruples when size doubles, it seems reasonable that eventually a creature becomes so large that full steel armour will become too heavy for it to move.
But note body weight goes as the cube of linear size; if the premise is that giant things have body plans/compositions similar to their normal sized relatives, then you should assume a 10-12' tall humanoid is 8x the ST of a 5-6' tall humanoid, but that their armor only weighs 4x as much, so is easier to carry.
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Default Re: Giant Question

Weight ~ ST squared

Twice as tall is eight times the mass and therefore 2.83 times the ST.

Mechanically the load an object can carry increases by the cross sectional area (length squared) while the total weight increases by the volume (length cubed).

Model resistance to damage as digging through the radius of the critter to reach its heart and therefore "hit points" scale with length.
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