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Default Crazy cook card question

In Crazy cooks there are these card which me and my friends had a long debate. So gonna ask my question here.

1st card, Mystery ingredient
Is there a limit to how many token a person can contribute? If answer is unlimited

How does it work in a way once the card is play and once the contribute factor is done and another card (monster enchancer) is play, can we still add in more token after that ? Or its done deal on the first contributions?

2nd card, Gooshy sushi
How does the bad stuff work?
Does the bad stuff stay with u like a curse?
And if it does , are we able to discard it into discard pile if we got curse with "discard 3 cards"?

Does the bad stuff means that you have to give card/token to the person before he can help you or each and every player in the game a card/token before the bad stuff is totally gone from you?

3rd card
World cheapest hat

This has the most debate in my group.

Descriptions says
"It cannot be lost to a bad stuff or curse (actually you can but you throw away & just pull another 1 out of the pocket)"
Does this means that this item can never be lost to bad stuff or curse ? And adding item enchancer on it making it 1 of the best item card in game?

Which come to the question
How about those bad stuff that say

"Lose your headgear , if no headgear lose a level"

How does it work ? We can't lose the headgear but yet at the same time we do have a headgear so the person is immune to losing a level aswell?

Thank you

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