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Default Re: Exotic Governmental/Legal Systems

Originally Posted by Johnny1A.2 View Post
It also means that there's a strong political pressure toward big families, since the bigger the clan, the more voting power in the third house. There might be all sorts of official and unofficial incentives toward large families.
I don't think the pressure is all that "strong". Sure there is some, but note that our world is full of legislative bodies where the representation of a statoid is determined by its population, and yet they don't often compete with each other all that hard to lure people to move from their neighbors

Political parties of the traditional sort might well exist in the first house, with the traditional franchise, and might cut across Clan lines, since it would be elected 'normally'. The third house might have parties within the clans,
but would seem to serve little function across Clan lines for the third house.
That makes no sense to me. Political factions within a clan seem to have no effect at all, and unless one clan has half the population of the state to itself, it will need allies to pass anything even through the third house, which is after all the basis of parties. Again the clans in this system really do seem to me to function a lot like subregions, except they aren't *strictly* geographical - though given the tendency of families in most societies to settle near their kin there is a good deal of that character too.
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