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Default Re: Ludicrous question of the day: drivers in sidecars?

Gyroscopic balancing for bikes is already a thing.

More 2 wheeled cars.

The Gyro-X was a prototype working model.

Ford even made one (Gyron).

The Lit C1 self stabilising motorcycle has a width more in line with a conventional motor cycle (and the prototype has an enclosed shell in unfinished metal that looks very Dreg ganger). It is supposed to be able to take a t-bone from an SUV (at low speed) and remain upright (just being shoved out of the way - or conforming as CW has it).

These are not concepts, they are prototypes. The only thing stopping them being a thing is making them economical and overcoming safety concerns - they are arguably safer than moto cycles already, but they will be compared to cars as that is the target market.

Of course we have 4 wheel motorcycles as well, so the traditional CW 2-3-4 wheel differentiation is looking increasingly archaic.
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