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Default Questions about the additional rules.

Barrel Tokens have icons for Light Obstacle, Clear LOS, and Level 1 Terrain. But since they are a Light Obstacle you shouldn't be able to Drive on them, so they don't really count as terrain. If the intention is to add a blue die to the driving roll of vehicles that contact them, wouldn't a die spot (like clay has) be more appropriate?

Also, crew are smaller than vehicles, shouldn't they get better cover from obstacles? I would think a crew member should treat obstacles they are within 1/2 a Car Length of as providing 1 higher cover.

Crew members can walk across a hazard, but may not exit the vehicle onto a hazard. Why not?

You are not allowed to DROP anything onto a hazard. This also seems odd. I would think a Fire Mine on an Oil Hazard would be appropriate.
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