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Default [LFP] Traveller: Interstellar Wars Virtual Campaign

Location: Online via virtual tabletop (MapTool)
Time: UTC-7 (Los Angeles)
Game system: GURPS 4th Edition
Setting: Traveller: Interstellar Wars
Logistics: Maptool version: 1.5.14, Discord, & Microsoft Onenote
Genre: near-future science fiction
Campaign: sandbox
Themes: Cerebral sci-fi, trade, exploration
Frequency: Weekly
Player Info: 150 starting points with a 30-point disadvantage limit. No exotic or supernatural traits.
Campaign Launch: end of March or early April

Logistics: I'll run the game using Maptools with Discord for voice and OneNote for campaign record-keeping, character sheets, and journals. Voice required via Discord, but not video.

Play Times: Possible play times include Saturday mornings 09:00-13:00 [UTC-7] or Tuesday/Thursday/Friday afternoons (only one, depending on player availability) 14:00-18:00 [UTC-7].

* Those interested should private message me on these forums to set up a virtual interview. I currently have two players, and I'd like to add 2-3 more.
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