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Default Virtual Limbs

So, here's a concept I was considering for robots and other oddities:

Virtual Arms: a virtual 'arm' lets you control something that normally requires a free hand for data entry, without actually having a hand free. Virtual arms have no ST and cannot lift, strike, or grapple; all they do is let you trigger the controls on an object (a virtual arm could activate the trigger on a gun, but couldn't aim the gun). The object typically must be designed to accept whatever form of alternative input is desired. Virtual arms are usually based on telecommunications, but may be any special effect the GM sees fit.

So, how would this be done? It seems like it could be a (rather large) limitation on extra arms, or a modifier on communications powers, or perhaps a perk?
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Default Re: Virtual Limbs

It certainly isn't more than 2 points, which is extra arm (no attack -50%, weak 1/4 ST -50% max -80%) [2]
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Default Re: Virtual Limbs

Accessory (Interface).
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Default Re: Virtual Limbs

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
It certainly isn't more than 2 points, which is extra arm (no attack -50%, weak 1/4 ST -50% max -80%) [2]
It's also comparable to Weapon Mount (-80%), which lets you use one item "hands free" by having a "hand" that's only good for using 'installed' items. On the one paw, Weapon Mount lets you use items that have a minimum ST rating, on the other paw, your virtual limb doesn't sound like it would require the item to be "installed" in any substantial way.
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