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Default New Creature/Spell - Corpse Worm

Something for all those budding Necromancers out there...

This small, 2” long maggot-like worm is the immature form of the Corpse Fly. If it finds itself on a suitable living host, it will burrow into the host, killing it in four turns, and then animating the corpse as a zombie with a strength equal to the host’s current strength minus 1D6.

This zombie is a standard zombie, including will wander aimlessly unless controlled. However, they can never regain strength.
When the zombie’s strength drops to zero, the Corpse Worm will have matured into a Corpse Fly, and will chew its way out of the corpse, flying off to hunt for a mate.

After mating, the female Corpse Fly will find a new host, and will lay its eggs on the host.

Once the corpse worms hatch, they will attempt to burrow into the new host; this is painful, and most living creatures will be able to dislodge or kill the corpse worms before they can completely burrow into the host.
However, if the host is incapacitated, restrained, or under the influence of a Freeze spell, they are incapable of resisting.

Necromancers will often breed Corpse Worms, and may prepare special clay spheres, filling them with a handful of Corpse Worms and a tar-like adhesive. These spheres can be used as thrown weapons; a successful hit will require a 2/DX saving throw to remove the worms before they can burrow in.
If the target is armored, they gain an additional number of rounds to stop the worms equal to the value of their armor (not including shields).

Targets under the influence of a Stone Flesh, Iron Flesh, or Diamond Flesh spell are immune to the Corpse Worm’s burrowing as long as the spell is in effect.

As the Corpse Worm Zombies are uncontrolled and typically wander aimlessly, a spell was created to help make the Corpse Worm Zombie a useful tool for Necromancers.

CONTROL CORPSE WORM ZOMBIE (T) [IQ 12]: Puts one Corpse Worm Zombie under the wizard's control. The wizard must give the Corpse Worm Zombie a single, unambiguous command (i.e. “attack any who enter the room except for me”) and the zombie will obey the command until it is superseded by another CONTROL spell.
Ambiguous commands will be interpreted poorly (corpse worms have poor judgement), and usually end up with the Control spell ending.
This spell will not work on Zombies created by the Zombie spell.
Costs 1 ST to cast
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