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Default The Time Charm

A unique item that is the reverse of a self-powered item in that it only really exists when the wearer is spending fatigue to power it. Hence it doesn't stick around long enough to be studied. Mages have had long debates as to whether it is cursed or blessed, or if a second one could exist at the same time.

Any attempt to just leave it someplace will fail as the user's own hand will reach in from the future and take it from themselves. It can only be taken from the user's dead body (by the first person to touch it) or by giving it to another and the later costs the current user one fatigue to take it from his own past self as he does so.

It can do one of the following powers each turn it exists:

Give to another: 1 fatigue.

Double time: 2 fatigue per turn acts like Speed Movement item and gives the user a second action at the end of the turn that is compatible with their (doubled) movement that turn.

Teleport: 1 fatigue per megahex traveled.

Jump into time: 1 fatigue per hour (forwards only) teleported. Roll 1d for additional minutes and 2d for additional turns added on randomly after the hours. If the user's former hex is occupied at that time then they reappear in the closest empty hex.

Insubstantiality: 2 fatigue per turn.

The Time Charm doesn't have a powerstone on it and doesn't stick around long enough to attach one. There are rumors that one wizard attached the Time Charm to his own wand, which promptly vanished to reappear when it killed the first person to search his corpse and then was found unattached on their corpse.
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