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Default Dimensional Projection

I'm trying to work out how to do a general ability in a couple different ways - psionic, magical, native advantage. Here's the concept:

A character can project their self-awareness into another dimension. When they do so, they interact with that dimension as if their body is physically present in that dimension, but:

Their actual body remains, inert, on their home dimension. (Unless otherwise noted, the body functions normally, and is subject to all the normal hazards… like starvation, suffocation, and dehydration.)

Their projected body is altered to allow them to function in the alien dimension (e.g., they gain the ability to sense things as a native of the dimension and they are not harmed by the basic nature of the dimension, such as burning in the Elemental Plane of Fire or drowning in the Elemental Plane of Water.) Their projected body is otherwise subjected to all the laws of nature of the alien dimension.

Common feature: The character has a “silver cord” extending from them toward their physical body (if the current dimension has a geographical correspondence with the dimension they are in), or slowly twisting like a long tail. This cord is an additional hit location, and damaging it damages the caster or their ability to project.

A basic expression of this, limited to one dimension, is the Astral Travel power from GURPS Psionic Powers, p. 28. The Planar Visit on Magic, p. 82 is similar, but limited in what the caster can do.

I'm specifically trying to get this to work using Ritual Path Magic, in the Cabal cosmology (so four major dimensions including the material, plus a multitude of minor ones).

Any ideas?
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cabal, ritual path magic

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