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Old 03-14-2018, 02:33 AM   #1
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Default In play vs. out of play

I have a question about cards being "in play" vs. "out of play." The rules state that all face-down cards are out of play, but this does not affect targeting of said cards. This has me wondering about a couple things related to face down cards in the stash:
1) Do cards that gain abilities from cards in the stash gain those abilities if the card in the stash is face-down? For example, does the ability on the Cleric card Leecher trigger from other Leechers that are face-down in the stash?
2)Can I blindly target a face down card in the stash? Say for example I ran from an attack on my opponent's turn and that card is now face-down in their stash. Let's say I've been paying attention to what they've been throwing at me and am pretty sure they weren't cheating and it is a monster that is face-down in their stash. Can I target that card with an ability or card? Example: Could I use the Wizard's Kaboom! to deal damage to a face-down card in the stash that I'm pretty sure is a monster?
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Default Re: In play vs. out of play

I am pretty sure the answer to both questions is no.

face down cards in the stash are considered to be basically nothing more than face down cards. that is just blank nothing cards. you cant damage them because they have no health value and since they have no name they aren't leechers.
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Devin Lewis
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Default Re: In play vs. out of play

ClassicFrog has it correct.

Face-down cards are only cards. They don't have any other characteristics. There are a small number of cards that can still interact with them, specifically Smite Unseen, but in general face-down cards aren't targetable.
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