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Default This fighter requires the bonus DLC

You all have picked up Pyramid #3/109: Thaumatology V, right? If not, you're missing out on a completely new template: the mage-hunter! (Along with plenty of other GURPS stuff; see the discussion thread for details.) That article comes with a sample character, but here's another one, who takes things in a different direction, with more of a focus on Dispel Magic along with high HT and Will to resist most things, not just spells. (GCA file here.)

Norrock Silverhorn
249-point Dwarf Mage-Hunter

Norrock comes from Vanorva, a small town nestled in the foothills of the mountain kingdom Aub. He grew up as a devout worshiper of Sithrak, the dwarven God of Suffering, who teaches stoicism in the face of adversity. In game terms, he was on track to becoming a holy warrior; his religion doesn't involve gatherings, and thus he learned Meditation instead of Theology and Religious Ritual. Unfortunately, his holy training was cut short when Vanorva was invaded by the lich-king Gorek the Magnanimous and his army of trained wizards; the town fell quickly.

After the rout, Norrock wandered for years until coming across the Malleus Maleficarum, an order dedicated to putting a stop to those who use magic for evil. Norrock considered this the culmination of his training as a holy warrior of Sithrak, and adopted a very religious view of the process. Sithrak teaches that magic is too often an easy shortcut; Norrock just takes that view a step further. He considers all magic to be potentially corrupting; any cleric or wizard might just suddenly snap one day! Worse, mind control spells mean that everyone is a potential threat, which means that the dwarf must constantly be on guard for any random person to turn on him. (Norrock can be used in a party with a spellcaster; his Sense of Duty means that he'll reluctantly protect his teammate, but he'll always keep an eye on them and consistently blame them for everything that goes wrong.)

Despite his devotion to a deity of stoic suffering, Norrock is neither humorless nor dour. His attitude could best be summed up as, "We're all likely to die horribly and painfully, so enjoy life while you can." He is fond of food and drink, especially since someone poisoning him is one of the few things he's not paranoid about. In a fight, he relies on axe and shield; he has one dedicated melee axe (that can be thrown if necessary) and three dedicated throwing axes (that can be used in melee if necessary).

Norrock traded one point from quirks for money. The remainder paid for Meditation, Swimming, Throwing, and 1 point worth of Mind Shield. He bought one level of racial Lifting ST up to full ST (for 7 points). Note: If the GM approves, it would make more sense for him to raise his Axe/Mace by one level and lower his Thrown Weapon by one level; doing so will raise his Parry by 1.

ST 13 [30]; DX 15 [100]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 13 [30].
Damage 1d/2d-1; BL 39 lbs.; HP 13 [0]; Will 15 [15]; Per 12 [0]; FP 16 [9].
Basic Speed 7.00 [0]; Basic Move 6 [-5]; Move 4.
Dodge 10 (9); Parry 11 (Axe/Mace); Block 12 (DB 1).

Dead Stop [1]
Dwarven Gear [1]
Lifting ST 1 [3]
Mage-Hunter Gear [1]
Magical Toughening 1 [5]
Mind Shield 1 [4]
Night Vision 5 [5]
Pickaxe Penchant 1 [5]
Resistant to Poison 6 [6]
Selective Magic Resistance 1 [4]
Spellpiercer [15]
Tough Skin 1 [3]

Disadvantages and Quirks
Compulsive Carousing (9) [-7]
Disciplines of Faith (Mysticism) [-10]
Greed (12) [-15]
Intolerance (Spellcasters) [-5]
Overweight [-1]
Paranoia [-10]
Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions) [-5]
Stubbornness (9) [-7]
Vow (Never use magic items) [-10]

Overconfident regarding poison (willing to taste-test it). [-1]
Respects devout believers, unless they're Evil or use magic. [-1]
Respects the law. [-1]
Tries to convert others to Sithrak. [-1]
Wants to help the oppressed. [-1]

Axe/Mace-17* [4]
Body Sense-13 [1]
Brawling-15 [1]
Carousing-13 [1]
Climbing-14 [1]
Dispel Magic-15 [4]
First Aid-12 [1]
Hazardous Materials-12 [2]
Hidden Lore (Magical Items)-12 [2]
Intimidation-14 [1]
Meditation-13 [1]
Mental Strength-16 [2]
Mind Block-15 [2]
Occultism-12 [2]
Shield-18 [8]
Stealth-15 [2]
Swimming-14† [1]
Tactics-10 [1]
Thaumatology-11 [4]
Throwing-14 [1]
Thrown Weapon (Axe/Mace)-19* [8]
Wrestling-15 [2]
* Includes +1 for Pickaxe Penchant.
† Includes +1 for Overweight.
$1,500, 77.21 lbs. (Light encumbrance)
Bandages. $10, 1 lb.
Belt. $15, 0.5 lb.
Chalk. $1, 0.25 lb.
Clothing. $0, 2 lbs.
Coins. 8 copper. $8, 0.16 lb.
Dwarven Throwing Axe. 2d+1 cut (reach 1). Acc 2, Range 13/20, Bulk -3. $270, 4 lbs.
Leather Lanyard. On dwarven axe. $1, 0.1 lb.
Light Scale Armor, Suit. DR 3/2 (total DR 4/3). $960, 48 lbs.
Personal Basics. $5, 1 lb.
Pouch. $10, 0.2 lb.
Small Shield. DB 1. $40, 8 lbs.
Throwing Axe x3. See above. $180, 12 lbs.
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