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Default Re: Supermages [Powers/Supers]

Alright, what powers did Dr. Strange manifest in his first appearance?
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Default Re: Supermages [Powers/Supers]

Really really long time ago.
Powers were pretty basic and he relied a lot on the Eye of Agamotto.
Spells were pretty basic, Astral Projection, binding, counter spells, shields, and bolts. He had to use the eye to gate to other dimensions in the early days.
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Default Re: Supermages [Powers/Supers]

From the wiki.

Synopsis for "Doctor Strange Master of Black Magic!"
A man tormented by nightmares comes to Doctor Strange to seek aid. Doctor Strange promises to help. He travels in spirit form to his old master who lives in a remote mountain temple in Asia. The master tells Strange to depend on his magic amulet if danger threatens. Back in his mortal form Strange visits the man he has promised to help. When the man falls asleep Doctor Strange enters his dream in spiritual form. Inside the dream, Strange is met by a figure bound in chains who presents himself as Mr. Crang. Then another form appears, Nightmare, Strange's ancient foe. Meanwhile the dreaming man awakes. He realizes the dreams are caused by all the men he has ruined. He grabs a gun to shoot Doctor Strange who is kept from reuniting with his mortal form by Nightmare. Doctor Strange uses his amulet to call upon his master who places a hypnotic spell on the man. Doctor Strange slips out of the dream dimension to grab the gun before removing the hypnotic spell. The man confesses his crimes.
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Default Re: Supermages [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
It does appear that Supers came out about a year earlier than Thaumatology.

I would find it difficult to do a treatment based on Ritual Path Magic, because I have never yet been able to understand it; it seems to be assuming things that are unintuitive for me. Realm magic makes better sense—it's basically a lot like GURPS Mage: The Ascension.
There are things that are very unintuitive about it. It doesn't help that there are conflicting rules regarding Wildcard Magery than make me go "huh?' with both that and Magery (Ritual Path)

IMHO Magery (Ritual Path) differs so much from any other version of Magery it should have been called something else. More over it doesn't seem to follow the "rules" regarding magery.

It states "Magery 0 allows you to cast spells at full skill; without it, you are at -5 to work rituals. See Non-Adepts and Magic (pp. 19-20) for more. Magery 0 grants no other benefits – it cannot detect magic, etc."

But No Magic Item Sensitivity is a -20% limitation ergo Magery (Ritual Path) 0 should cost 4 points not 5 but nothing about this price difference is mentioned.

Furthermore IMHO you should be able to sit down with normal magery and via enhancements and limitations "build" Magery (Ritual Path) which is true of Power Investiture:

Power Investiture is effectively Magery (Functions as a Different Talent +0%; Sanctity Replaces Mana: +-0%; Inspired Learning +20%; No Spell Prerequisites +30%; No Zero-Level Requirement +10%; -10% for Magery with Pact limitation; No Magic Item Sensitivity -20%; Limited spell list -30% (for access to the equivalent of two collages)

Yet where do you even start with all the special rules? It reminds me of Magic Power which was such a bad idea that it was quickly forgotten.
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powers, supers, unprotected

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