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Default Re: Best Tool for the Job When would you use TFT/DFRPG/GDF?

Originally Posted by Chris Rice View Post
This has very little to do with the player's creativity. It has to do with the GMs capacity and willingness to house rule things as needed, plus the player's skill at wheedling or fast-talking the GM.

What you mention above is actually the ultimate in creativity.
Fairly adjudicating disputes is not creativity, nor is persuasion. Inventing a subsystem to resolve a dispute can be creativity, but it doesn't have a lot to do with roleplaying (which is why many RPGs have atrocious task resolution systems). There certainly is creativity in RPGs, but it's not generally in the action resolution system, it's in choosing the action in the first place.

In any case, RPGs are not just about creativity; they're a hybrid of creativity and game. If you eliminate the game elements, you've got improv theater or collaborative storytelling, both of which are perfectly fine activities but ones in which you don't want to use any RPG rule set.
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Default Re: Best Tool for the Job When would you use TFT/DFRPG/GDF?

For us, after quite a few years of TFT, we knew the rules and tactics so well that we wanted more detailed rules, and GURPS (1e through 3e, anyway) was perfect for that. It takes some doing to memorize the GURPS rules (even just the core rules for melee combat), but once the GM has them down, it can be run almost as quickly as TFT, even with players who don't know the rules.

But TFT is simpler, the players can learn most/all of the rules quite quickly, and so on.

I love them both, and use elements of both when I play either.
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Default Re: Best Tool for the Job When would you use TFT/DFRPG/GDF?

I would use TFT to start out with a new group just because it would be easier to teach. I would use DFRPG, if after a lot of play, the group was getting tired of the TFT and seeing the limits of the system. In particular I think that the addition of explicit personality traits, hit locations, and defense rolls would bring novelty to the game and keep the players satisfied
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dfrpg, gurps df, tft

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