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Default Re: Jag Fairchild Delvers to Go

Generally, if you're a caster, do this:

Look at your gear – all of it! Define the article with the highest individual mundane value (you can use the value of a set if you're sure you'll be keeping the whole set) as your power item. This doesn't have to be something widely associated with magic-workers, like a robe, staff, tome, holy symbol, or backpack alchemy lab; it could be anything. This is nice when your character concept is, say, a cleric who focuses mostly on healing (healer's kit or surgical instruments), or a wizard who leans toward artificer (toolkit), illusionist (disguise kit), rogue (lockpicks), or warrior-wizard (weapon, armor, or dwarven whetstone).*

If the gear is something that can take equipment modifiers that make it more useful, or which comes in quality grades, consider whether the upgrade would be worth the cost, remembering that this will boost not just the item's utility but also its power item value. Some upgrades can produce an immense jump in power item value! For instance, a fine broadsword ($2,400, 12 FP) vs. a regular one ($600, 6 FP) grants +6 FP as well as +1 to damage, while a high holy symbol ($1,000, 8 FP) vs. an ordinary holy symbol ($50, 1 FP) grants +7 FP as well as +2 to Exorcism and Turning.

If you have money left, look at the breakpoints for power items; if you're close to one, buy adornments. Spend only enough $25 increments to push the mundane value barely across the line. Just $25 will take that fine broadsword from $2,400 (the upper limit for 12 FP) to $2,425 (13 FP), or an ordinary holy symbol from $50 (the upper limit for 1 FP) to $75 (2 FP); $75 will shift a regular broadsword from $600 (6 FP) to $675 (just enough for 7 FP); and $125 will push a high holy symbol from $1,000 (8 FP) to $1,125 (9 FP).

If none of your gear is costly – you're in cloth armor with an ordinary staff, and don't have any cool toys – consider just buying jewelry in $25 increments that exploit the breakpoints: $125 (3 FP) is better than $100 (2 FP), $225 (4 FP) is better than $200 (3 FP), $350 (5 FP) is better than $325 (4 FP), $500 (6 FP) is better than $475 (5 FP), $675 (7 FP) is better than $650 (6 FP), $900 (8 FP) is better than $875 (7 FP), and so on. This has the major advantages of being easier to conceal and protect ("My navel jewel, which is always under clothing, inside armor, and above a cinched belt.") and of being less prone to replacement in the field (which happens often with weapons and armor).

Don't worry about "breaking the game." The game was designed with full knowledge that casters would do this. One-use FP reserves are emergency measures, not general power amplifiers. Generally, the game encourages the resource management that goes with "When do we use X to save the day?" It's part of the fun.

* Don't worry about how it's used or carried, either. Per p. 115 of Adventurers, "You can spend its FP just like your own while you're carrying the thing anywhere on your person – you needn't wield it."
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