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Default Re: Gravity as powers

Originally Posted by Tigrah2k View Post
Any thoughts on how to take mass of the subject, and their equipment into account?
Realistically, it's irrelevant. It takes the mass of an entire planet to pull you less hard than the force you generate every time you stand up. You could resist being pulled horizontally almost as well, and the extra force from your own mass (and your armor's) isn't going to add much to that if there's some hypothetical Earth-equivalent gravity pulling you sideways. (It would be proportional, if you want to do the math.)

But if we're being cinematic -- and we're talking about gravity-based superpowers, after all -- it might be amusing to have any target DR or encumbrance add to the "damage" (amount of pull), if for no other reason than DR normally protects rather than hurts. I'd probably just buy a few extra levels of the pull with an Environmental (Target has Encumbrance > X), moving X up and increasing the discount for each level. (If that's a linear progression, it'd be easy enough to make it a fixed cost, but you kind of have to set up the math first to know what value that would be.)
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