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The Colonel
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Default Re: Sympathy for the Weasel

...and for the Fallen London fans out there, there are always the Lucky Weasels ... and the Araby Fighting Weasels...
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Default Re: Sympathy for the Weasel

OK, the guilt got to me. (Shakes fist at Kromm.) One final post for the template:

Ice Weasel 10 pts
Regular ice weasels are adorable yet psychotic little mustelids that swam over delvers who are temporarily inconvenienced by frozen hazards and chomp the ever-living aitch ee double hockey sticks out of their most sensitive hit locations. Relatively recently, delvers have been encountering apparently civilized ice weasels that walk on their hind legs, use tools in adorable little paw-hands, talk, and temporarily inconvenience delvers in various ways so they can swarm over them and chomp the ever-living aitch ee double hockey sticks out of their most sensitive hit locations.

Given their general aptitudes and attitudes, it was inevitable that a few would take up delving themselves.

ST: -6 [-60]
DX: +2 [40]
Will: +1 [5]
Per: +2 [10]
HT: +1 [10]
SM: -4

Attractive [4]
Double-Jointed [15]
DR 10 (vs. Cold/Ice only) [30]
Limited Camouflage (Snow) [1]
Trademarked Ice Weasel Adrenal Chomp of Doom [26] - Costs 1 FP, does 1d(3) damage, reach C. Roll vs. HT at -1 per 2 pts of penetrating damage (not injury) or be paralyzed/frozen for (20-HT) mins, min 1 minute
Sharp Claws and Teeth [6]
Temperature Tolerance 8 (Cold) [8];
Terrain Adaptation (Ice/Snow) [5]

Compulsive Behavior (Playfulness) [-5]
Dependency (Lose 1HP per min in no-Mana areas) [-25]
Impulsiveness [-10]
Short Attention Span [-10]
Social Stigma (Savage) [-10]
Vulnerability (Heat/Fire x2) [-30]

18” tall
Armor and weapons have to be custom made, -3 to use weapons from SM 0 races
Weasel Adrenal Overdrive [1/lvl]: Can buy up to 5 points of Striking ST, but it costs 1 FP per attack to use, and cannot be used on the same turn as the Chomp of Doom.

Various racial mental disadvantages can be improved (to a better self control roll) but not removed.

I assumed that the weasels in the monster book are “warrior weasels” and inched the default stat bonuses down a little. Additionally, I added a few traits that seemed appropriate for PCs but not worth mentioning for a monster book weasel.

Ice weasels are probably not optimal for most delving roles, but you probably already know the guy/gal in your group who will want to play one. (In my group it's me.) To all the rest of you, my sincere ap… ooh shiny!

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Default Re: Sympathy for the Weasel

An Ice Weasel NPC shall be making an appearance in our next session...

Fun read!
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Default Re: Sympathy for the Weasel

Exploding Ice Weasel:

Start with any other kind of ice weasel, add the self-destruct ability of Doomchildren. Reduce boom damage to 2d, and shrapnel to 1d-1 with a follow-up of 2 cold damage (that can paralyze you just like the weaselchomp).

Combine with doomchildren in adorable little parkas if desired.

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dfrpg, ice, ice weasels, weasels

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