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Old 07-23-2018, 07:25 PM   #11
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Default Re: Awful Green Thngs

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
I have always wanted to do it as a LARP at a con or something. Complete with random weapon effects.
I've dreamed of seeing/participating in a LAGT (Live Action Green Things) event at a con for neigh on a score of years now.

Random weapon effects would be fun to role-play, especially with the increased likelihood of multiple untried weapons being used on Green Things together. (Do you really expect that much cooperation at a con event game).
"A fire extinguisher and a comm beamer are being fired into the engine room together. It's grow... Grow, Green Things, Grow.".

Having an ever rotating cast of Green Things could allow for a lot of attendee participation. "I'm sorry, the crew is full, but we'll need more Green Things any minute now.".

I just wonder if you could get away with charging cans (six-packs?) of Zgwortz (or equivalent) as "admission". Hey, you need to get the props somewhere. Bring empties and someone will complain. Bring full cans and someone will inevitably drink one, no matter what you say (and then probably complain they don't like that flavor). Crowd sourcing just makes it more fun and random. You just need to keep people from actually throwing them.

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Default Re: Awful Green Thngs

Demoing Awful Green Things at game cons always makes me feel a little bad, because it's two player, and I usually have more than that who want to play.

Solution: Got another copy, so I can run two boards at a time. At one con, a player had his copy in the car, so we ran three! It was fun.

Same amount of time to explain to six people as to two.

And to save setup time, I roll the randoms ahead of time and put the correct amount of counters in a small bag. I explain that, normally, you would roll, but we're saving time. Makes things go a lot better.
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Old 02-24-2019, 09:19 AM   #13
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Default Re: Awful Green Thngs

Here's a method I use when I want to play a multi-player game of Awful Green Things from Outer Space!

The most experienced player will act as the "referee". This one player will control the Awful Green Things!

Divide the crew members of the Znutar as evenly as possible between the remaining players! Have each player write down the name of their crew members on a scrap piece of paper and have each player give each of their crew members 1 skill from the following list of three:

LUCKY: When this crew member pulls a weapons chit and the first pull is not to their liking, they may replace this chit in the pile/cup, mix them and draw another. They have to live with the 2nd pull whatever it may be... :D

SCRAPPY: This crew member ALWAYS rolls 1 extra die to hit and die fragments...

DEFENSIVE: The Awful Green Things ALWAYS roll 1 less die to hit against this crew member!

The choice of which skill to give to each crew member is theirs alone! However, a player may not choose to give all of their crew members on their list the same skill. At least two of their crew members must be "unique"! When a crew member dies, the player crosses them off their list.

Set up the game as normal. Gameplay will proceed clockwise around the table! On each crew player turn they will control crew members from the top of their list one at a time working their way down! The Green Things player will definitely have a tougher time taking over the Znutar for sure. However, even with these additions, a great game and hilarity will still ensue!!!

I've even used these additions in a 2 player game and it's quite fun! If you want to use these additions in a two player game, the crew player will have to divide the three skills as evenly as possible between their crew members!

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Old 03-27-2019, 01:34 AM   #14
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Default Re: Awful Green Thngs

I think it can pretty easily be played with up to about 5 or 6 players, if you divide up the crew, who are already organized into groups of 4. The robot and mascot count as a group.

When I've been running it for newbies lately, I've played the Green Things, and had them alternate picking from those groups of 4. They did fine remembering who was playing whom, without writing anything down.

Their main goal is to cooperate and free the Znutar from aliens. Their secondary goal is to have the most survivors.

I ran two 3-player games this way with 2 newbies with no problems.
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Default Re: Awful Green Thngs

Perhaps something like this?
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