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Default Re: Demo of how to GM TFT on roll20

Originally Posted by Nils_Lindeberg View Post
In the example pictures I see you are using the official tokens. Do you have a resource file with those as well or do I have to copy and create my own tokens? Or were they part of the Legacy Kick starter downloadable files (I probably have them somewhere if they were).

I also like the nostalgic feel of the TFT counters, even though it is not that hard to create your own.
It is quick work to make tokens. They are squares and so very easy to make from any images or counter sheets you own. And if your square isn't perfect it doesn't matter. When it comes time to use your images, roll20 sizes them as it will to fit within the hex grid. I discussed multihex figures in one of the videos, they don't always look like squares but they need to be for easy snap-to-grid resizing.
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Default Re: Demo of how to GM TFT on roll20

Originally Posted by Oneiros View Post
More robust roll20 character sheet. Kudos to the people who put the existing one together. I think it could use a few more tweaks, though. I'd like to see support for Critical Hits and Misses. Right now the results are highlighted red or green when any individual die rolls min or max, but TFT doesn't care about that. What I'd like to see is the green highlighting for Critical Success and red for Critical Misses. And then multiply damage automatically for those big hits. I'd also like the white space on the right side be used for either Talent list (moved from the bottom) or an Equipment list.
I built the original version of the character sheet and it looks like someone else already went in and modified it. The sheet really does need to be cleaned up, made to look better and functionality added. Unfortunately, I do not have either the time nor the skill in HTML and CSS to do much beyond what I did. If you go into the Character Sheet section of the Roll20 Forums, there are people who will assist or even possibly find someone willing to do it for a fee.
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