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Default Counter templates

There was a request on the Discord for some counter blanks of various sizes suitable for TFT. I whipped up a batch last night for the requester, and you can grab them here if you're interested.

It contains counter blanks for 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 14 hex figures, as well as the half-hex size used for weapons, spell effects, smaller animals, etc. There are both polygonal and hexagonal versions of each size. And yes, I realise that hexagons are polygons. :)

The basic templates are letter-size PNGs. They should be printed without resizing or margins, otherwise the printer may scale them away from the standard dimensions. Also included are Illustrator and Postscript files of the raw shapes if you want to lay out your own set of blanks. Let me know if there are any specific requests for further shapes or custom layouts.
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Default Re: Counter templates

Nice thank you
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