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Default [RPM] Big effects using Path of Nonexistence given 100,000 energy?

I introduced a villain NPC that had a strong mastery of all things Path of Da'at (Nonexistence), was the best kind of Ritual Adept, and had a method by which he could in a one-shot generate an enormous amount of energy (around 100,000!) that he could only use all at once on a single spell. What are some big effects that could be pulled off in one spell with that much energy?

In my campaign, the villain used this to curse the PC by permanently and utterly suppressing a potent but yet-to-be-expressed aspect of his nature. The player is arguing that it shouldn't be impossible to rid her character of the curse, to which I said, "nope, not impossible, just the kind of thing that might take loads of research and investigation, a whole lot of power, as well as perhaps come at a terrible cost." Is that fair, esp given that amount of energy? I'm not asking as a GM (I know my word goes here if I want it to), I'm asking for honest opinions also I guess about what the reasonable (even if practically impossible!) things I could require in addition to energy to break a curse using Nonexistence like that built with 100,000 energy.
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