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Default [RPM] Minor Effects Only?

So, one of the future game projects that I've been playing around with involves magic that works the way that some real world practitioners of occult and magick claim it does: it works (assuming you did the ritual correctly, and focused your belief into it), but will manifest through seemingly mundane ways.

So if you cast a spell to gain wealth, an old buddy that owes you cash might bump into you a few days later... or something like that.

I was thinking the best way to model this would be the RPM system without the "major effects".

Thoughts? How much of a discount should this give?
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Default Re: [RPM] Minor Effects Only?

The discount should probably be small. Greater effects come with a very severe cost penalty, so using lesser effects seems to be a better solution for most problems anyway. Also, RPM without greater effects is not without advantages. It can make critical failures much less dangerous (the critical failure of a 20 energy ritual can with greater effects cause enough damage to instantly kill an average person or give you Fanaticism(summon demons) for half an hour without a resistance roll). A -10% limitation on Magery might be reasonable.

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Default Re: [RPM] Minor Effects Only?

No discount. It is a rule of the world. Everybody who can cast magic can only cast minor effects.

For the very few people who can "bypass" this "world rule" (if any) I would charge a large Inusual Background. For example Gods, Archidevils and Things the Man Shouldn't Know.
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