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Default Re: [RPM] Magical Styles Thread

As a note, I really enjoy reading these, so don't take my not posting as a sign I'm not interested . . . . I just haven't really managed to make up any myself to post
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Default Re: [RPM] Magical Styles Thread

Black Goat Diabolism

12 points.

The most infamous left-handed magic is the practice of Diabolism - summoning spirits of vice and binding them to your will. The dangerous and malevolent spirits of vice are casually known to the Western magi as “Daemons”, and are classified according to the seven deadly sins, in the vein of Peter Binsfeld, a 16th century German auxiliary bishop and witch hunter. The most powerful daemon of each of these “sins” are collectively known as the “Archdaemons” - they are named Mammon (Greed), Beelzebub (Gluttony), Lucifer (Pride), Leviathan (Envy), Satan (Wrath), Asmodeus (Lust), and Belphegor (Sloth).

Summoners and exploiters of daemons, the Black Goat Diabolism stylists are infamous for allegedly receiving mentoring and patronage from the Archdaemons themselves. The magical style covers rituals that deal with daemons - summoning, banishing, killing, controlling, and analysing. A Spirit Contract with a daemon allows the caster to accept Corruption in exchange for energy or temporary use of the Ritual Adept advantage (Pyramid 3/66 page 7).

Required Skills: Thaumatology; Exorcism; Hidden Lore (Daemons); Occultism.

Required Path Skills: Path of Spirit.

Required Ritual Masteries: Call Spirit; Command Spirit; Pentagram Trap or Ward Against Spirits; True Form or Banish Spirit; Harm Spirit; See Spirits or Empower Spirit.

Perks: Spirit Contract (Daemon); Secret Spell (Command Spirit, Harm Spirit, Pentagram Trap, Call Spirit, Banish Spirit); Shortcut to Power (Call Spirit, Harm Spirit, Command Spirit, Empower Spirit); Easy Refill; Improved Cap (Spirit); Magical Lawyer; Secret Mage; Rule of 17; Power Casting (any in-style ritual); Area Spell Mastery (Ward Against Spirits); Mighty Spell (Harm Spirit); Willful Casting; Sanctum; Discreet Ritual.

Advantages: Patron (Archdaemon); Ally (Bound Daemon); Dark Walker; Mystic; Language (Demontongue).
Disadvantages: Secret (Diabolist); Megalomania; Jealousy; Sadism; Enemies (any); Social Stigma (Criminal Record); Lecherousness; Loner; Paranoia; Callous; Overconfidence; Selfish; Greed; Bad Temper; Laziness; Gluttony.
Skills: Research; Intimidation; Smuggling; Streetwise.



19 points.

Style Prerequisite: Higher Purpose (Tradition, Druidic) 1+.

The original Celtic Druids were an Iron Age educated professional class of Gaul, Britain, Ireland and possibly elsewhere. The Druids were poets, lawyers, religious leaders and doctors. Those specialising in Celtic animal and plant magic in the modern British Isles have taken it upon to become a guild of private community aid workers, who look out for those in trouble. They believe it is their mystical duty to lead and succour the people of the U.K. They travel across the British Isles performing public services, including finding lost children, sheltering abuse survivors, midwifing births, tending to the sick, repairing damaged buildings, and helping with farming.

The magical style itself covers rituals affecting (non-human) animals and plants. The practical side of the guild focuses on informal social services, applying the Celtic occult traditions to serve the local community in the rural United Kingdom, but that is reflected in their actual rituals. Quite a few Druids learn other magical styles, for the sake of better helping the needy.

Required Skills: Thaumatology; Animal Handling (any one); Naturalist or Biology (Zoology); Veterinary; Diagnosis; First Aid/TL; Poisons/TL or Pharmacy/TL (Herbal); Herb Lore.

Required Path Skills: Path of Body; Path of Mind; Path of Matter.

Required Ritual Masteries: Speak with Animals; Totem; Identify Plant; one of Lure, Harvesting Hands, Vermin Vamoose, or Filling Fruit; Command Animal; two of Rain Dance, Sorcerous Skinner, Perfect Preservation, or Phantom Tiller.

Perks: Easy Refill; Improved Cap (Body, Mind); Accommodating Magic; Quick and Focused; Covenant of Rest; License; Scroll-Reading; Shaman’s Trance; Aid; Adjustable Spell; Guild Rank; Knower of Names; Friendly Undergrowth; Eye of the Storm; Good with (Animal); Obscure True Name; Sanctum; Wizardly Garb; Magical Style Adaptation.

Advantages: Ally (Animal); Animal Empathy; Animal Friend; Green Thumb; Charisma; Language (Irish, English, Welsh, Breton, Manx, Cornish, Scottish Gaelic); Nourisher.
Disadvantages: Sense of Duty (Community); Disciplines of Faith; Selfless; Chummy; Guilt Complex; Code of Honor (Professional).
Skills: Poetry; Farming; Cooking; Gardening; Biology (Botany); Law (Civil U.K.); Singing; Diplomacy; Dancing; Leadership; Public Speaking; Carousing; Psychology; Detect Lies; Hiking; History; Heraldry; Current Affairs/TL; Area Knowledge; Politics; Philosophy; Literature; Sociology; Theology; Teaching; Riding; Tracking; Religious Ritual.
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Default Re: [RPM] Magical Styles Thread


16 points.

Instead of turning lead into gold, creating an universal solvent or other feats of gross matter, the Nacro-Alchemy magical style focuses on the "internal" alchemy - elixirs that change or degrade personal attributes. It just so happens illegal narcotics - street drugs - act as perfect symbolic catalysts of transgression. Their use and abuse, not to mention a surrounding subculture of pharmaceutical crime, resonates well with spiritual themes of decay, evolution, upheaval, want, danger, and power.
This style covers not rituals but brewing elixirs that Strengthen, Destroy and Transform Body and Mind. Nacro-Alchemy likes using illicit drugs (dope, cocaine, LSD, PCP, heroin, meth, etc.) as both as elixir ingredients and as a base of appearance for the produced elixir (this makes Nacro-Alchemy illegal in most countries, but not technically Left-Handed). The use of such drugs may account for Nacro-Alchemist elixirs reducing their energy cost with limitations like Backlash, Aftermath and Cardiac Stress. It is common for quirks in Nacro-Alchemy elixirs to threaten Addiction. Altered Traits is a common modifier, with Afflictions and Damage sharing the silver. Healing effects may also be a part of the style.

Required Skills: Thaumatology; Streetwise; Alchemy; Pharmacy (Synthetic).

Required Path Skills: Path of Magic; Path of Body; Path of Mind.

Required Ritual Masteries: "Magician's Beer" (Brew Elixir of Drunkness); "The Sickness" (Brew Elixir of Nausea); "Pepper-Up Potion" (Brew Elixir of Restore Fatigue); "Mars Dust" (Brew Elixir of Berserker Strength) or "White Goddess" (Brew Elixir of Enhanced Intelligence); "Jupiter X" (Brew Elixir of Charisma); "Venus' Roof" (Brew Love Elixir) or "Forget-Me-Now" (Brew Elixir of Amnesia); "Fight Milk" (Brew Elixir of Strength and Fitness); "Magebane" (Brew Elixir of Magic Resistance).

Perks: Adjustable Spell; Life-Force Burn; Limited Energy Reserve; Mana Compensation (style); Quick and Focused; Power Casting (any in-style elixir); Reduced Footprint (Mind, Body); Shortcut to Power (any in-style elixir); Stabilising Skill (Body, Mind); Wilful Casting; Paraphernalia Pro; Mystic's Stupor; Better Elixirs; Elixir Resistance; Gut of the Dragon; Rule of 17; Sanctum; Secret Spell (any in-style resisted elixir); Special Exercises (FP can exceed HT by 100%, IQ, Mana Enhancer, Wild Talent, certain exotic mental or physical advantages); Natural Alchemist.

Advantages: Contacts (Criminal); Mentor; Neuromancer; Signature Gear (Alchemy Lab); Wealth.
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Criminal Record); Addiction; Greed; Selfish; Enemies (Police and/or rivals in the drug trade).
Skills: Hazardous Materials (Magical or other); Merchant; Holdout; Smuggling; Urban Survival.
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magical styles, rpm

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