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Christopher R. Rice
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Default Re: [RPM] Post your rituals here

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
It would appear I've been thinking of how to handle hit locations with internal damage all wrong, then. Does this mean the final roll to cast the spell would take the hit location penalty, then? Or is it just a bonus to the foe's resistance roll? I'm most tempted to go for the latter, since failing at the final casting roll in RPM just means trying again in a few seconds. It also makes Quick-and-Dirty Rituals usable as-is, without modification, for when you want to make "Your Head Explodes" charms. In fact...
That's what I've done, but I've also used the Bestows a Bonus modifier to negate hit location penalties too. I've even toyed around with buying a Targeted Attack technique for a specific hit location and Path. When I've done this, Targeted Attack (Path of Matter rituals/Eye) has been the favorite. I wouldn't add the penalty for gathering energy, but I would for the final roll. This seems a bit murky, but that that's what I gathered from the rules.
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