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Default Teleport to no-mana zones?

I've been absolutely sure that for Teleport (M 147) you need at least some level of mana at the starting point, at the destination and all the way between - not necessarily the direct way, but a "street of mana" for the spell to follow.

If somebody tried to teleport to a no-mana zone, I've seen two variants:
  1. spell fails entirely: nothing happens, but at full cost
  2. go as far as there is mana, "drop out" of the spell at the border of the no-mana zone - and get a high penalty on the Body Sense roll

Now I read the description of Rapid Journey (M 82), which says:

He [the caster] may also be stranded if he is knocked out or if he teleports to a no-mana zone.

So it seems that you can teleport to a no-mana zone, which means: You need only mana at the departure. Which leads to a question:
Is there a limit how deep you can teleport into a no-mana zone? Will your spell end up right behind the border, or will you reach your intended destination? The last variant would allow to enter and leave an area with mana, but completely encapsuled by no-mana without any problem.
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