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Default Re: Bane Bullet Charm

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
One rule hack would be to apply an advantage limitation as a discount on the energy cost. Accessibility Limitations or the Limited Defenses modifiers for defensive abilities would be good candidates.
I've seen write-ups for Rituals where the limitation rules are used, but I'm not sure what the official rules are for using Limitations as part of the RPM system. I'm very much in favour of it myself, but I want to avoid any pitfalls that playtesting might have revealed.

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
Either set of limitations would give large discounts if the susceptible targets were defined narrowly. This could potentially become game breaking. The main downside for such limited banes is that charm slots would be wasted if used on an invalid target. To fully exploit the discount, the PCs would need to do their research and figure out what they are going up against. In my opinion, this would be very fitting for a monster hunters game.

I really want to encourage the PCs to find out what they are facing, as it is supposed to be extremely difficult to permanently defeat supernatural threats without making use of their specific vulnerabilities and/or working magic that is specifically designed to counter them.

Originally Posted by Emerald Cat View Post
Players may also try to break the game by claiming discounts on broad categories of targets. GM fiat will be required to establish balanced discounts. But this shouldn't be any more difficult than the GM calls RPM already requires.
As long as a bonus that applies to every target is 100% of energy cost, I don't really mind very broad groups qualifying as 80%. As I said, it's a lot more flavourful to have Supernatural Bane bullet Charms than just +2 bullets, so I don't mind making it more efficient to do it that way.
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