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Default Rarity level of cards and distrubution thereof

I'm not a CCG player, but I'm making an exception for Munchkin. What will the rarity classifications for cards be, and what will be their overall frequency in starter packs, boosters, etc.? The upshot of my question is how many boosters I should be buying in the first and successive waves to guarantee a reasonable arsenal of desired cards. Also, will there be promo cards in the future published in the same manner as regular Munchkin?
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Default Re: Rarity level of cards and distrubution thereof

Players can build competitive decks using only common and uncommon cards. Increased rarity typically correlates to increased complexity, but more complex cards are not necessarily stronger. There are quite a few rarity classifications for the Season 1 launch, but since common and uncommon cards are absolutely viable (and arguably required) for high-level play, the number of boosters any player feels they need to buy beyond the initial starter sets is completely subjective.

Yes, there will be promo cards.
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