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Default The Pharmacological Trip

What to include in this foul diseased article?

How do Physicker, Naturalist, Woodsman and Scholar interact in finding the proper bugs and plants? If you've got all of these and are in the deep woods, but lack your Physicker kit, what is your die modifier to alleviate the common cold?

Speaking of tripping out, which spells get a bonus from out of body drugging?

How is hygiene handled in Dranning? What exactly lurks in the sewers? I bet it's something unspeakably wretched like say hobgoblins. What other that tetanus will you catch from their filthy blades?

Does Cleansing cure cancer when it's just your own cells? How about viruses that hide inside the target's DNA? How about supernatural diseases?
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Default Re: The Pharmacological Trip

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Speaking of tripping out, which spells get a bonus from out of body drugging?
Not sure how you'd apply hallucinating into TFT mechanics themselves. Probably Adjusted IQ or DX? Some temporary Handicaps?

Not quite answering your question, but
Below items would be for Wizards OR Heroes while on powerful Hallucinogens.

I would say Astral Projection*.
I might have certain powerful hallucinogens under the right conditions pop you into the Astral Plane even if you don't have the spell to do it. However, you'll still be trippin' there, so it might not be so useful.
  • self Image*, the tripper sees Image, but others can't; these would be bizarre images that the GM creates; could be self Illusions* or Glamor* too, the tripper can either control the image because he is aware that he is making it or GM does because he is not aware he is making it.
  • Reveal Magic*, but revealed as a riddle, similes or metaphors either visually, audibly or conceptually.
  • Close Vision*, but tripper funneling into this experience only, to the exclusion of all outside.
  • Eyes-Behind* may randomly kicks in and confuses character.
  • self Invisibility*, The character can't see himself, but others can.
  • Mage Sight*, but those revealed objects seem mutated, bizarre; does the tripper realize what this means?
  • Perhaps Curse* if the tripper is in a funk or anger; this affects those around him and tripper doesn't have to 'cast' spell as it just oozes out of him; temporary lasting 2d6 turns.
  • Scrying* just comes to the tripper, but its mixed up with a whole lotta other hallucinations, so it might be difficult to know its scrying.
  • Telepathy* as an unsought listening link, who is getting into his head?
  • Trance* but revealed as a riddle, similes or metaphors and its mixed up with a hole lotta other hallucinations, so it might be difficult to know its revelation.
  • Unnoticeability* that the tripper really unconsciously casts on self if he is frightened.
  • Self Geas* while trippin', give's self a random useful or stupid Geas which becomes affective when the tripper is sober.
  • Remove Cursed Object* could remove a cursed object from self because reality is so messed up.
  • Zombie* if the tripper is killed while tripping, his reality may be so messed up that he doesn't understand that he is dead and he becomes a zombie controlled by himself (he still thinks of himself as alive AND he is tripping forevermore.)
  • Co-Possession*, the tripper's reality is so messed up that a friendly figure (run by another player or the GM) takes partial possession of the tripper (both run the tripper); The co-possessor is aware that they co-possess the figure so they don't want harm to come to him; lasts until sober.
  • Word of Command* might be anything said by another that the tripper feels compelled to do (GM determines if this kicks in), wears off when sober.

*NFC = at No Fatigue Cost.
- Hail Melee
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