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Default DIFFERENT Trojan Horse question

No, this is not about "did I get the level/finish the combat?"

Here is the situation:

Player A is level 8.

They are a "HIGH" halfling.

They fight an easy monster and win

They say they are going to forfeit the treasure for the extra level to win the game.

But, Player B has Trojan horse and plays it, saying that the monster now has no treasure, so there is zero treasure to forfeit, so the "High" ability is not satisfied (minimum 1 treasure).

Player A claims that because they used their ability first, the Trojan horse can't be used.

Player B says that the Trojan horse means that the ability can't be used.

How does the timing on this work?
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Default Re: DIFFERENT Trojan Horse question

I may have just found my answer:

"Draw cards, then make your decision."

Which, what happened here was that he never drew the cards, he just said he was going to use the "high" ability and moved up a level.

The "Trojan" card had to be played before he drew, but he never drew, so he didn't use the ability correctly.
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Default Re: DIFFERENT Trojan Horse question

I see two issues here:

That player had to draw the treasures in order to be able to trade them in for a level. It even specifies ďat least oneĒ does it not? (I donít own the set with that card, so I canít check). With Trojan Horse, there would be no treasures to trade in, as you said, so there would be nothing to trade in for a level.

The other issue is that, had you not played Trojan Horse, he would have to discard all treasures drawn. What is in the discard pile can be of great strategic importance, especially what is on top. He canít just choose not to draw treasure cards in order to avoid discarding them anymore than someone can choose not to kick open the door or loot the room to avoid having to give cards out during charity.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: DIFFERENT Trojan Horse question

High does not say you forfeit the Treasure draw; it says you must exchange all the Treasures drawn. Therefore Trojan Horse is a legal play and can forestall the win from High.
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trojan horse

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