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Default Sketchy

How is the ability sketchy used? Iím assuming they have to be in the stash face up from a previous play in the same round?
I donít think you can cheat with it and use the ability the same turn
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Default Re: Sketchy

From the rules:
A keyword ability. This ability is not available to a player until they have been caught cheating this turn.

You can't do it with the same card so use any card first, get caught, then boom.
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Devin Lewis
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Default Re: Sketchy

Generally what you need to do is get caught cheating early in the turn, and then later, when you successfully hire a Monster with Sketchy, you can use the ability.

I believe you're likely looking at Legbreaker Joe, and he has to be both successfully hired and then survive the fight to end up face-up in the stash. Because his ability is only usable from the Stash, you can play him first, get caught cheating later, and then active his ability.
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