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Old 08-23-2019, 01:58 AM   #11
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Default Re: Custom talent balancing advice

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Humans being the only faction with gunpowder is an overwhelming advantage, meaning that humans would defeat the other races without that much difficulty, unless they used magic to even the playing field, so mundane talents do not really matter. For example, a musket deals 4d+2 pi++ damage, which means that a human army with muskets pretty much going to annihilate dwarven and elven armies (especially since they cost only $175 each).
On the other hand, short range and slow reload means most of the time you'll get one volley at a determined charge. It requires fire at just the right time - too soon and you'll hit nothing, too late and you'll be receiving the charge while still fiddling with your plug bayonets.
Sure, you can clean up all your messes now, but if you let it go long enough you'll eventually wind up with just one big mess to clean up. Huge time saver.
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Default Re: Custom talent balancing advice

Well, that is why you have rows of massed fire (muskets are not that useful for solo operations). The Spanish showed during the 16th century the utility of combining muskets with pikes and swords. The tercio of 1,000 musketeers supported by 1,000 pikemen and 1,000 swordsmen were nigh invulnerable at their time. Of course, smallswords were rarely used on the battlefield because of their minimal damage and light weight (rapiers and sabres are battlefield weapons, smallswords are courtly weapons).
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Old 08-23-2019, 01:32 PM   #13
Black Leviathan
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Default Re: Custom talent balancing advice

I'm going to be not-helpful here. Don't custom balance talents. Nobody does a good job of this, it always mucks up game balance. Talents are already kind of wonky but they're meant to represent an aptitude by virtue of having unique abilities that make you good at related skills, like better color distinction makes you good at art, or having a better defined palate makes you good at cooking and alchemy, better math application or 3D perception makes engineering, mechanics and such easier. The theme here is skills that come from a common "talent" for something. The skills associated with that talent should be related to what makes a person good at them. Not just a collection of skills that look good together. Coming from a culture where everyone is taught how to use a rifle isn't a talent, it's just points in Rifle.
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Default Re: Custom talent balancing advice

I kind of feel, thematically, that the Dwarves would be the ones that would first discover gunpowder. Their advantages would be gunpowder/explosives and fortifications. The Elves' advantages would be magic and a connection to nature. The humans' advantages would be adaptability and versatility. Like the Dwarves would be at home in the mountains, the Elves would be at home deep in a forest, and the humans would colonize pretty much everywhere.
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