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Default Custom talent balancing advice

So long story short, am building up a fantasy campaign. Three major playable races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves).

Have custom combat styles ect for all of them, along with their own gimmicks, but decided to spice things up by giving each of them a custom talent that ties into their signature combat style. Am using alternate benefits from Powerups 3, and wanted to get opinions on the three alternate benefits I gave as far as balancing them is concerned.

If it is relevant, the current race with gunpowder weapons (humans) only has Matchlock weapons.

Musketeer Talent (5 points/level)
Requires: Human
Acrobatics, Guns (Musket), Smallsword, Fast Draw (ammunition), Running.
Secondary bonus: Reduces reload time on muskets by 5% per rank.

Ironwall Talent (5 points/level)
Requires: Dwarf
Axe/Mace, Hiking, Polearms, Shield, Armory (melee weapons)
Secondary bonus: Add rank to ST before determining knockback.

Skirmisher Talent (5 points/level)
Requires: Elf
Bow, Camouflage, Fast-Draw (Arrow), Running, Stealth.
Secondary Benefit: Reduce armour worn DR by rank for the purposes of determining stealth penalties (Low Tech 103)

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