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Default Re: Wait maneuver - differences from 3rd Edition

Originally Posted by Mr_Sandman View Post

As to the main topic of this thread, I think just allowing a Step and Wait and not allowing movement after the trigger if a step was taken before is the simplest approach.
Yeah, it is. And it cannot be totally ruled out from raw, as said before.

I think this topic was very useful for clearing up the issue. There is only one detail that was left kind of open is that there seems to be a contradiction in the rules, either if one decides to allow or not to allow the step portion of Wait before the triggering of the event.

In the first case, i. e., if someone decides to forbid it, these rules from p. 385 are strange:

"The Wait maneuver can be very useful (...)
"If you did not move at all on your turn, you may take a step."

On the other side, if a step is allowed, this description in p.366 becomes odd:

"None until your Wait is triggered. At that point, you may move as allowed by the maneuver you specified (Attack, Feint, All-Out Attack, or Ready)."

In the errata, I could not find anything. Is this the newest one?
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