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Default Various Munchkin Adventure Time Rules Questions

This was the first time I had played Munchkin (although I'd watched the Tabletop episode so I wasnt going in 100% blind,) but I also had to teach others how to play and a lot of general and AT specific questions came up so I'll just slap them all here:

1. I "Kicked Down the Door" to find "Hunson Abadeer" who I could beat, but a player "Wandering Monster"-ed in "The Farm" which put the fight over my level.
The thing is that I had a Curse! put on me, "Blinded," that made me automatically fail my next "Run Away" phase.
I had "Freezing Potion A" in hand that lets me automatically escape from one monster, so initially I thought I could cancel out/ignore the curse for Hunson and then auto-fail my roll for The Farm, to which the other players disagreed.
Then I read you can choose what order you run away from monsters so I picked The Farm first since auto-failing Hunson would kill me.
So the curse applied and went away and then I used Freezing Potion A to auto-escape from Hunson. They were satisfied by this.
Did we play this right? Admittedly I agreed the second option made more sense.

2. "Mate." A monster is in play and someone else plays Mate on it to create a similarly powered copy. Then lets say the player in combat has some sort of item that lets them instantly defeat a monster. They can choose which monster to defeat. If they choose the original is the Mate monster also defeated cuz it was a copy and theres no monster to copy anymore?
I wonder because I've read if you "Illusion" the original into a different monster the "Mate" copy also changes.

3. "Unacceptable!!!" Are discarded items only from your hand or equipped only, or both allowed? How does the "backpack" of inactive items play into this if its only equipped items.

4. "The Limit." You cannot use any items in your next combat. So does this mean one shots? Or does it also mean equipped items? What about cards that aren't one shots like "Cosmic Owl" and "Backpack?" A backpack is an item yeah but cosmic owl is like a being...Is it technically an item?

5. "Little Dude." A player was wearing two headgear items due to "Cheat" card. Then the "Little Dude" curse was played on him. So do both of his hats attack him or just one? The card references "it" because you typically would only be wearing one headgear item.

6. "Cheat" Player is wearing two hats because of "Cheat" card. One of these hats is class dependent. Then a card is played that makes him have to change character and class with another player, so the cheat item no longer is in line with his class. Can he still wear it as a cheat while already wearing it to negate the "only one headgear" rule? Or would he have to pick one rule to break only?

7. "Super Munchkin." Player has to change character and class with another player. Player has two classes due to Super Munchkin. Do they switch one class? Two classes? Or both classes AND Super Munchkin? What if they have Super Munchkin and only one class? just switch the class card or both cards?

8. "Kee Oth." Does the Demon Blood Sword spell have to be recited from previous knowledge? Can they read the card if its in play? Can they go find the card if it has been discarded? Can they google it? Or does it not matter if they actually know it and its just flavor text and they can choose to just defeat it without level up?

9. "Guardians of Sunshine." +2 for each digital device on table.
"Bucket Knight." +8 if there's a beverage on the table.
"The Baker's Shard" +10 to either side if theres "something sweet" on the table.
Does this mean cards or real life or both? Is it up to our discretion? How do most people play? Other players took it to mean only the cards, but I would think it would say "in play" if it meant cards.

10. "Tree Witch." Is Finn considered to have "long" hair? Cuz in earlier episodes he does and now he kind of has shorter or medium length hair. Otherwise this would only affect Fionna and Lady Rainicorn. Would Jake or Cake be considered blonde furred?...

11. "Gunter." Demonic Wishing Eye "anywhere" in play he gets +20. Does that not include in hand? can they not play it after he enters combat? or can they but gunter just doesnt get the +20?

12. "Scorcher." "Flame King." Immune to fire/flame attacks. Does this mean Flame Princess cannot affect them at all? or that fire/flame based items arent factored into your attack power? Or what?

13. "Giant Chainsaw Goo Skull." "Ice King." fire/flame attacks count double. does this mean FP's power level is doubled? Just base level power? Or only fire/flame items? If FP uses ability to make attacks count as fire/flame, would entire level now double or just items that werent already fire based?

14. "Flame King." No one can use one-shots to help the players. So can you use items to help Flame King still? can they use curses on players? I suppose this is logical since it states on card "to help the players."

15. "The Lich." Level 1 player Kicks open the Door to find "The Lich." the Lich doesnt pursue players Level 5 or below. Does this mean the fight doesnt even happen? Or does it mean the player can choose to fight or run away and if they run away it will auto-succeed? People I played with wanted to say fight didnt occur so its like they kicked open the door and didnt find a monster so they wanted to let player look for trouble or loot the room, I thought this was incorrect. If card was pulled by a Level 6 player who decided to Run Away, would only players level 6 and up need to Run Away or lose a level?

16. "Glasses of Nerdicon." One shot items you play in combat have double the combat bonus. Does this mean it's only doubled if you play them to increase your own power level? (So one shots to enhance monsters are not affected?") Or does it mean only one shots played by people in combat?

17. "Backpack." You may have any number of cards in your hand.
When do you play this? is it an equipment item? or is it something you keep in your "backpack" of non-active items?

18. "Wand of Disbursement." Another player played this on the monster someone was in combat with. I feel like this isnt what its intended for (as more of a get out of jail free card for yourself) but is it still playbel like this? If so, who is the one that "doesnt go up levels but collects treasure?" this person was a new player so they didnt barter for treasures or anything but i would assume that would be a way to play it. But i think my friends decided to play it that the player that played the card got all the treasure instead of the person that kicked down the door to find the monster.


19. Backpack? (Not the card.) How does this inactive equipables/items backpack work? I didnt know about this so perhaps people had to charity lot more than they should have.

20. Equipping items when? The rulesheet and Tabletop make it seem that you only first initially equip your character at the start of your first turn, we played this way but other players thought it was weird cuz they couldnt offer anything in terms of combat aid since all were just level one. Although I suppose they could still use one shots to help.

21. Charity. If you defeated a monster and got a few treasures that put you over the 5 card limit, can you equip some then? Can you put some of these in this "backpack" if you cant equip them due to certain reasons? I would assume you could at least try to sell them for a level if you cant equip them. Perhaps if you didnt have enough for a level youd want to store them in this backpack for later sale. Can you play curses on others to get down to the 5 card limit?

Sorry for the long read but i didnt want to flood the forum with a lot of entries/im long-winded.

thanks for any help.
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Default Re: Various Munchkin Adventure Time Rules Questions

There are way too many questions here to answer them all in one thread without causing confusion down the road. I'm going to break this up, if I can. In the future, please try to ask only one question per thread just so that we don't create threads of discussion within a thread.

Please bear in mind that the Tabletop episode actually ends up highlighting some incorrect ways to play, and is more for giving an idea of what the game is like rather than being a how-to on playing the game.
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