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Default Re: [Magic] Blocking spells cast on others, and as normal spells

Originally Posted by Bibiribobiri View Post
Besides strange mechanics (in my opinion, at least) it does not make sense to me that you somehow cast spells faster if you get attacked.
You don't. If you cast a blocking spell on your turn you are casting it within the same second that you would cast it if you used it as a blocking spell. You can't cast it twice or cast a second blocking spell, but you can make another active defense. If you cast it as a blocking spell, you can't cast it on your next turn. The turns don't exist in game, they are overlapping periods of about a second, but to the character there's no clear boundary.

Most blocking spells don't even affect the attacker to begin with (are cast on the caster). Thus, to fight better, a mage could "pretend" it is being attacked to block an imaginary attack (just as a martial artist can pretend it is being attacked while training).
That doesn't mean you get a free hex of movement whenever anybody else takes a turn because you are slipping in response to an imaginary attack. Your "turn" isn't a discrete period of time like that any more than your miniature's position is anything other than a static representation of your average position during that time. Exploits that rely on artifacts of the representation of these as discrete are just metagame sillyness.

Nothing prevents someone to pretend to grapple an invisible atttacker after parying an imaginary attack (this is indeed something that is done in solo Kung Fu training practices ��). This should be as fast (or even faster) as doing so for a real attack.
Yes, nothing prevents that. It is called Concentrate and takes place on your turn.
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