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Default Cheat!ed Item with Fire Arms

A tangent came up in a 101 thread regarding whether you can get the Fire Arms empty Hands bonus if you have a Handed Item that has Cheat! attached:

Originally Posted by RevBob
Wait a tick...

Originally Posted by ChargerFan2121
3. Player A receives a bonus for empty hands. Can he use Cheat! to still gain the bonus, along with equipping a weapon (making the weapon 0 hands)?
Originally Posted by Clipper
3: Yes. Cheat! actually forces the Item it is attached to to use no Hands.
Didn't this come up with Fire Arms at some point, with a resolution that you don't get the "empty hands" bonus because even though Cheat! would let you ignore the Hand requirement to carry more items, it doesn't actually make it a zero-Hand item that leaves your Hands empty?

Or am I misremembering that ruling?
The answer, is that the original response covers this situation too and the ruling is here. You treat a Cheat!ed Item as if it uses 0 Hands for the purposes of Fire Arms.
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