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Old 03-21-2023, 01:38 PM   #1
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Default Hacker: The Computer Crime Card Game

Hello all!

I know after a bit of looking that occasionally Hacker comes up, but not often here on the forums. But I thought I'd bring it up, if for no other reason than that it's foremost in my mind after my old copy was misplaced and I had to acquire a "new" one on eBay. It's actually in better shape than mine was, so I came out of it better off anyway. I've been playing a little lately, and just bought some of the SJG Circuitry Dice to upgrade the existing d6s. Very satisfying. XD

But I digress. I came here to say that I think it would be awesome if at some point, SJG decided to update, or at least reprint Hacker, perhaps through a Kickstarter as they have done with some titles. I could also envision a really cool upgraded player console as a stretch goal or add-on. :)

I for one would love the opportunity to back it. I dunno, maybe it would just be me. Maybe this great little card game wouldn't resonate with anyone like it did with me back in the 90s, or MAYBE people would get to try what I consider to be one of the great lost gems of that era.

Here's my vote to put Hacker on the short list of considerations for update and reprint! And thanks to SJ for the great game to begin with.

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