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Default Triplanetary rules questions

Questions about the Triplanetary rules (questions are taken from the online version in case there are differences to version in latest box)

Counterattacks (p5)

When calculating range for counterattacks, do you base it on the active player’s movement?

Astral bodies (p7, also p4)

To land on Ceres or Clandestine, the ship must enter the hex then stop. Technically, the act of entering the hex causes a crash.
  • When is the stop / crash distinction evaluated?
  • Can a ship travel at speed 1 through Ceres or Clandestine without stopping (all other things being equal)?

Bases (p7-8)

I assume the 2nd last sentence “It is now treated as a planetary base” refers to orbital bases emplaced on planets, and not all bases?

Are planetary bases immune to non-nuke attack (it seems like it, but I couldn’t find an explicit rule)?

Can orbital bases engage in gun combat? I assume from the table on page 1 that an orbital base fights as a stationary ship (strength 16) rather using “planetary defenses”.

Can planetary bases be placed on any hex-side, or only in the indicated sites assuming there is no base there already? (e.g. Can Io hold 6 bases or only the one specific base?)

Looting and Capture (p8)

A disabled dreadnaught can still fire. Is it subject to looting and capture as normal?

Can a base be looted or captured?

Costs (P1,9)

When buying based on combat strength, is it correct that a Torch Ship and a Frigate both cost 8 combat points?

Scenarios - Prospecting (p13)

Is each hex limited to a single CT shard? If the CT shard is “left for later”, do we just mark the map and then erase if it is later collected or explodes?

Does fuel count for the purpose of victory points?
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