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Default Re: Dear Steve: 1985 Autoduel for Steam?

Please take a look at My early concept for a Car Wars combat/rpg video game.
I'm looking for script and mission ideas.
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Default Re: Dear Steve: 1985 Autoduel for Steam?


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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Dear Steve: 1985 Autoduel for Steam?

Originally Posted by gpatt66 View Post
Please take a look at My early concept for a Car Wars combat/rpg video game.
I'm looking for script and mission ideas.
It looks good, but please don't call it Car Wars so we don't have to cast Invoke Lawyers.

Originally Posted by JimTullis View Post
Quick Question:
What is a Turrent? ;) Sorry.

Does anyone know why this mis-spelling is so popular?
I have encountered it as far back as 1980.
I don't know. Can you explain to me why correcting people's spelling is important when they aren't asking for editorial feedback? I am a professional editor and I don't correct spelling or grammar in Internet posts unless it's a post by a friend and I know that friend won't take it amiss. There are enough people with dyslexia and dysgraphia in the world that it's a bit ableist to make those corrections otherwise. If you truly don't understand what someone is saying, then you can ask them; otherwise, wince at errors if you must but do it quietly.
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Default Re: Dear Steve: 1985 Autoduel for Steam?

Originally Posted by gpatt66 View Post
Please take a look at My early concept for a Car Wars combat/rpg video game.
I'm looking for script and mission ideas.
It's a bit tough to tell what the mechanics being used for damage, aiming, and whatnot are from the demo. (Which was a weapon test of some sort?) Graphics looked ok for an initial starting point.

For scripting and missions, some decisions on how the character/vehicle are intended to improve over the course of the game might be a good place to start. Is it more guns? Skills? Access to additional equipment? A new car? Something as simple as additional ammunition?

Deciding on what sort of ways there are to improve/advance in the game can often provide some solid ideas on what sort of things can be done to provide those.

There's other things to consider too - what happens when your car gets destroyed, for example. How big of a setback will that be. Is the game going to be exclusively in the car or will the character move about on foot as well.

Some food for thought. I hope it helps.
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Default Re: Dear Steve: 1985 Autoduel for Steam?

One of the main reasons I got back into Car War was simply to learn Visual Basic and Visual C++ (CW being a logical based system was great for learning a structures programming language :D) ..

I am sure that on the whole people aren't really looking for a full blown, in depth RP world on the scale of Skyrim or The Witcher .. but a simple combat system (dare I say a networked digitising of the core Car Wars rules alone) . . . . . Surely with the proliferation of mobile devises these days some one out there could rustle together something ... Heck even getting Car Wars enabled on something like Roll20, people could upload maps or SJGames could digitise (and sell) Midville, Areans, the Truck Stop maps ETC, package car counters (and the turn tool) and the like (not sure how you could realistically attach the cabs and trailers of trucks but most people I see on here are more car based arena duellists than Mad Max-esque RP truckers and bike gangs) ...

Roll20 can be clunky, I agree, but loads of people use it AND discord to run their D&D etc games .. why doesn't some one just create a small arena and a few counters, invite someone from SJGame to join for a "Show and Tell" game of CW you know, like proof of concept ... from SJGames point of view it could be another sales channel .. and if it took off how about digitising Ogre or other games like this .. I know after leaving D&D for many years I am happy to be back playing RP's via Discord and Roll20 .. How happy I would be if I could strap myself back into an ejector seat and hunt down a few sub compacts again like the old days ...

This could also generate o- line interest for 6th ed ... so far Car Wars is being kept alive by the old skool fans and realistically if you don't know anyone on that circuit then your simply not gonna know (SJG are mainly known these days for Munchkin and a bit of Zombiedice) .... I understand that if 6th ed is a complete departure from the classic game and SJG may not want to muddy the water of Newbies" by blasting them with a heavy set of rules that will make them thing "heck this isn't the game I was thinking of for a quick Friday night" but also while SJG are dragging their heals on bringing CW6 to Market/Kickstarter, games like Gasoline are cornering YOUR market and are going to take over and 6th will die on the vine like a failed pipe dream ..
Once upon a time ....
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