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Default WTT/WTB Scuba's Trade List

Here is the rundown:


Cards (promo card unless marked otherwise)

Fantasy Door
1/3-Breed (mono)
Angry Bards
Awful Green Thing
Boa Constructor
Book Wyrm
Cash Cow
Curse! Blind Chance [Dice Bag]
Curse! Bring Along a Third Wheel
Curse! Cat Nap
Curse! Unjustly Accused!
Cut in Line
Ear Worm
Feet Cheat
Frankenstein's Mobster
Game Mechanic
Hipster Hireling
Hireling: Das Mustache
Hostile Jester
Jobs Goblin
Ketch-23 [W23]
Man in the Moon
Merchant Hireling
Mug the Shopkeeper
Nexus Demon
Oil Derek
Open the Vault
Pegasus Steed
Pub Knight
Sand Witch
Slime Girl
Sparkly Good Fairy [Fairy Dust]
Stacked Deck (mono)
Ultra Munchkin
Zombie Hireling

Fantasy Dungeon
Warehouse 23

Fantasy Treasure
. . . Of Smiting!
Bag of Hoarding [Dice Bag]
Battering Ram
Caster Oil
Cheat With Both Hands (mono)
Cloak of Anonymity
Club of Fighting
Get Promoted
Ghost Hands
Gift Card [W23]
Go Down a Level (GUAL)
Hare Spray
Lie To Your Own Webcam
Lighter of Smiting
Lightning Bolt
Outwit Tio Rico (GUAL)
Play a "Go Up a Level" Card
Reversal of Fortune Scroll [Fantasy Kill-o-Meter]
Scroll of Secret Door Detection
Seasoned Greeplings
Start a Munchkin Legend (GUAL)
Tower Shield
Tower Shield (errata)
Venison Benison
Wand of Dousing

Adventure Time
Shapeshifter [D]

Disaster! Alpacalypse [D]
Disaster! Duck Season! [D]
Disaster! Government Shutdown! [D] [Apoc Kill-o-Meter]
Monster by Mail [D]
I Am The Law!! (GUAL) [T]
Jawbone Radio [T]
Sealing Wax [T][Apoc Kill-o-meter]

Ship to My Loo [D]
Ten-Galleon Hat [T]
Wind Lass [T]

Cult Membership Card [D]
Cultist [D] (Kovalic)
Cultist Zombie [D] [Cthulhu Kill-o-Meter]
Curse! Revealed Cult Secrets [D]
Curse! Shuggoth Shuffle [D]
Curse! Step on a Non-Euclidean Brick Toy [D]
Embrace the Madness [D]
Embrace the Madness [D] [Cursed Demo]
Monstrous Heritage [D]
Research Assistant [D]
The Stars Are Cruel [D]
Zombie Cultist [D] [Cthulhu Kill-o-Meter]
Cult Membership Card [P]
Mi-Go Mind Switch [P]
Monstrous Heritage [P]
Research Assistant [P]
The Stars are Cruel [P]
Trade Character Sheets [P]
Whim of the Elder Gods [P]
Igor Ichor [T]
Miskatonic University Honorary Degree [T]
Octomaid [T]
Wishing Ring [T]

Banzai Tree [D]
Grouching Tiger [D]
Mook: Hidden Muskrat [T]

Duck Holliday [D]
[Blank] (GUAL) [T] (no icon)

Duck In Black [D]
Phlegm Fatale [D]
Swiss Passport [T]

"By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!" [D]
Deadpool [D]
Trap: Howard the Duck [D]
Deadpool's Taco Truck [T]
Infinity Gauntlet [T]
Peter Parker [T]
X-23 [T]

Nightmare Before Christmas
Pumpkin King [D]

Attic [D] [from W23 booster pack]
Chrome Dome [D] [Coin Machine]
Flash Gorgon [D]
Khan Artist [D]
Sidekick: Space Family Peralta [D]
Space Geek [D]
Trap! Panic! [D]
Glazer [T]

Curse! Out of Steam! [D] [Steam Kill-o-Meter]
Cane-Club [T] [Steam Kill-o-Meter]
Professor Tesla's Electrical Protective Device (pet.pending) [T]

Electrocutey [D]
Onomatopeon [D]
Sidekick: Awesome Bear [D]
Reboots [T] [W23]

Axe Cop [D]
Axe Cop [D] (w/ artist sig)
Curse! Dead Two Rights [D]
Triskaidekaphilia [D] [Zombies Kill-o-Meter]
Bowling League [T] [Zombies Kill-o-Meter]
Dead Wood [T]
No Guts, No Glory [T]
Pitcher of Cheap Beer [T]
The Whisperers [T] [TWD icon] (both variants)

Bookmarks (3rd edition unless marked otherwise)

...Cheesy Promotional B. of Power [2nd]
Star ...Blatant Cheating! [2nd]
Andrew Hackard ...Red Pen of Dooooom!
Devin Lewis ...Super Tasting!
Lar DeSouza ...Saving Your Bacon!
Moop's ...Assertive Alliteration!
Apocalypse ...Beast Buffing!
Apocalypse ...Re-Sealing!
Apocalypse GAE ...Feeling Fine!
Axe Cop ...Random Axe of Kindness!
...Adventure Time
...Bargain Hunting!
...Boom and Bust!
...Cavalry Charges!
...Chained Attacks!
...Dark Vileness!
...Dungeon Meistery!
...Funko Funtimes!
...Gleeful Regifting!
...Gol-Darned Gunslinging!
...Mighty Fine Bonuses!
...Nefarious Necromancy!
...Retroactive Continuity!
...Rick and Morty
...Sparkly Good Monster Mayhem!
...Striking Dragons!
...The Munchkin Book Bookmarking!
...The Nightmare Before Christmas
...Vermicular Violence!
Booty ...Shipshape Sailing
...Cheesy Promotional B. of Power! (updated Spyke)
Conan ...Barbaric Bludgeoning!
Cthulhu ...Esoteric Empowerment!
Cthulhu GAE ...Advantageous Appendage!
Fu ...Solemn Sagacity
Fu GAE ...You Fu!
Gloom ...Vexing Vitality!
Grimm Tidings ...Pugnacious Picnicking!
GAE ...Dropping the Hammer!
Impossible ...Her Majesty's Secret Circus
Knights ...Chivalrous Subterfuge!
Legends ...Hidden Lore!
Legends GAE ...Retold Tales!
Loot Letter ...Literate Looting!
Oz ...Terrible Twister!
Oz GAE ...Peeking Behind the Curtain!
Panic ...Free Masonry
Pathfinder ...Goblin Turkeys!
Pathfinder ...Instant Gratification!
Princesses ...Monarchal Misrule!
Quest ...Portable Respawning
Smash Up ...Smashing Success!
Steampunk ...Reckless Re-Engineering!
Zombies B. of Shelter Skelter
Star ...Blatant Cheating!
Star ...Clowntrooper Chaos!
Star ...Trade Negotiations!
Star GAE ...Weird Alternate Universe!
Super GAE ...Universal Reboot!
Super Winged Helmet of Swiftness B.
#PlayMunchkin B.! [4th]
...Sugar Smashing! [4th]
Cthulhu GAE ...Advantageous Appendage! [4th]
Grimm Tidings ...Candy-Coated Carnage! [4th]
Oz GAE ...Peeking Behind the Curtain! [4th]
Pathfinder ...Knockin' on the Dungeon's Door! [4th]
Super GAE ...Pectoral Puissance! [4th]

Other Stuff
The Ecology of the Floating Nose (mini comic + card)
Lampooned (mini comic + card)
Bookmark/Card pack from the Monster Boxes
Card pack from the Holiday Monster Boxes
Munchkin Valentines single pack
Knights: Four More
Imaginary Friend
2012 Silver Coin
2014 Silver Coin

Promos for Other SJ Games

Reversal of Fortune Scroll (Quest) [from Kill-o-Meter]
Munchkin Quest Promo Set 1
Nightmare (Treasure Hunt)
Body Armor (Car Wars The Card Game)
TableTalk (Chez Geek)
Bavarian Illuminati ID card
0 cards for Simon's Cat
Oil Rig (Ninja Burger)



If you have new promo cards you are willing to trade or sell different from those listed below, let me know because I may not be aware of it yet.

Curse! Zombification [D]
Rollback [D]
Sir Francis Bacon [D]
[BLANK] (GUAL) [T] (no url or icon)

Bad Feng Shui [D] (*non-promo* from 1-3 printing)

Heart of the Anomaly [T]

Draw 2 Treasures! [T]

[BLANK] [D] (no URL or icon)
[BLANK] [T] (no URL or icon)


First Edition
...of Clerical Erroneousness!
...of Dark Vileness!
...of Forbidden Knowledge
Cheesy Promotional B. of Power!
Fu B. of Hong Kong Wrongness
Star M. B. of Blatant Cheating!
Star M. B. of Clowntrooper Chaos!

Second Edition
+3 B. of M. Mastery
...Level Counter
...of Sparkly Good Monster Mayhem!
...of Stocking Unstuffing
...of Target Acquisition
Fu B. of Hong Kong Wrongness
Fu B. of Solemn Sagacity

Third Edition
B. of M. @ Geek & Sundry
John Kovalic M. Tavern 2016 B. of What the Duck?
Leonard Balsera M. B. of Mindless Escapism
Adventure Time 2 B. of Daring Dungeon Delving!
...of Board Game Geekery
...of Carrrrroling Carrrrrnage!
...of Table top/Geek and Sundry 2013
...JoCo Cruise 5 B. of Seamonkey Supremacy
...JoCo Cruise 6 B. of Intellectual Piracy!
...RTX B.
Phil Reed M. B. of Battle Grip Action
Steve Jackson M. B.of the Big Box of Beatdown

Fourth Edition
John Kovalic M. Tavern 2017 B. of Anatine Anarchy!
...of +3 Mastery!
...of Reset Buttoning!
Pathfinder GAE B. of Monstrous Unfairness
Spell Skool B. of Extreme Extra Credit!
Starfinder B. of Gaming the Solar System!
Zombies B. of Conspicuous Consumption
Steve Jackson M. Tavern 2017 B. of the Immortal Beard!

Other Items

Munchkin Curses
Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition (art by Baltazar)

Cthulhu Plush Dice Bag - Purple
Cthulhu Sherpa
Munchkin Sammlerbox
Munchkin Sammlerkoffer
Munchkin Sherpa
Munchkin Tavern 2013 Dragon Pint Glass

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Default Re: WTT/WTB Scuba's Trade List

Interested in
Monster by Mail [D]
I Am The Law!! (GUAL) [T]
Jawbone Radio [T]

I guess I canít do pm yet. Feel free to message me on Instagram at the same name. Or on Facebook - Mitchell Charles Keith
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Default Re: WTT/WTB Scuba's Trade List

Can confirm a successful trade with Scuba!
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Default Re: WTT/WTB Scuba's Trade List

New Haves and Wants have been added!
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Default Re: WTT/WTB Scuba's Trade List

There is no Munchkin Cthulhu Sherpa, There is a Cthulhu Sherpa.
Erik Wintz
MIB #3721
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Default Re: WTT/WTB Scuba's Trade List

Originally Posted by duskblade View Post
There is no Munchkin Cthulhu Sherpa, There is a Cthulhu Sherpa.
Oops. I think I was just on a roll with typing "Munchkin [everything]."

Thanks for the clarification.
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Default Re: WTT/WTB Scuba's Trade List

Some updates to wants and haves.
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