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Default Fatigue Recovery from Last Gasp and Magic

In Pyramid #3/44 Alternate GURPS II, the 'Last Gasp' article by Douglas Cole introduces much more severe recovery rules for long-term fatigue, as well as the complex, but realistic Action Point rules for shorter term fatigue.

I'm using these rules in my high-powered fantasy campaign, where the PCs started out as gifted, but naive beginning adventurers (around the year 2005 in our world) and are now somewhere between MCU and DCEU superheroes and mythic heroes like Hercules or Perseus. Without all their magical gear, they are about the scale of Conan the Cimmerian, but with it, they are easily into superhero scale.

In any case, with healing spells from GURPS Magic, like Minor Healing, Major Healing and Great Healing, as well as the Healing Advantage and potions and elixir, healing injuries is usually fairly quick. And dedicated spellcasters usually don't use FP to power their abilities, they have an Energy Reserve that is a lot larger than their FP pool and often some way to recover them at a decent pace (e.g. Recover Energy spell at 20, for 2 minutes per point).

Recently, however, a PC and his allies spent more than two days running, fighting and performing various heroics. They were consuming a lot of orcish draught at the time, which helped them deal with not eating, sleeping or resting a whole lot, but such quasi-magical/alchemical/herbal solutions usually have a cost in that once you stop using them, the accumulated fatigue hits you like a ton of bricks.

This is the first such extremely extended exertion that a PC has performed since I started to use the Last Gasp rules and now I find myself wondering how to adjudicate recovery.

For one thing, the PC spent 15 FP on powering the Healing Advantage, which is a recent gift from a friendly god. I'm pretty sure that using FP to power supernatural abilities should be fundamentally different to losing them to exertion. For one thing, I don't allow Breath Control to aid in recovering FP spent to power magic. By the same token, however, Recover Energy does work on FP spent on magic, but not on FP lost to exertion.

So, maybe I should not count those FPs as part of the determination for whether the PC is experiencing mild, severe or deep fatigue. They'll just recover at the usual rate for a magic-user without Recover Energy, at 1 FP per 10 minutes.

The PCs actually managed to eat three meals per day, albeit gulping food during short stops and never managed to eat quite enough. He lost 'only' 3 FP to starvation, largely because his heroic physique requires Increased Consumption.

During the past 72 hours, the character slept for eight hours. That's 12 FP, but I don't know if it should be reduced to 6 FP for Very Fit. It's been pushed away due to the orcish draught, but now that he's at an inn, well-fed and into his third bottle of wine, I expect it to hit 'Brash' Mickey hard, possibly even interfering with his long-awaited debauch.*

I've ruled that Potions of Healing, Extra-Healing and Superhealing have no effect on lost FP, at least not if they've been spent on magical stuff. I suppose if severe or deep fatigue really represent minor damage to muscles and the body in general, magical healing ought to help.

In any case, in a world where Healing potions that heal 1d HP exist, there ought to be potions that recover FP spent on exertion.** Should they be more or less expensive or rare than Healing potions?

Should there be a widely known priest spell, comparable to Minor Healing, that helps recover from severe or deep fatigue faster, perhaps in a single rest overnight?

In general, how does using the 'Last Gasp' rules for fatigue recovery affect typical Dungeon Fantasy -esque potions and magic for curing adventurers?

*He's got Compulsive Carousing, it's been five days since he's done more than sing a little around a campfire and the common room of the inn currently houses some five ladies of apparent friendliness and quite a bit more comely than the dwarves, orcs, wereboars, angry ghosts and hobgoblins he's seen in the past three days.
**Paut covers FP spent on magical stuff.
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