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Old 01-02-2020, 04:08 PM   #1
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Default Half Horse... Half Reloaded?? Do Boosters Influence Expansions?

So after purchasing and taking inventory of “Half Horse, Will Travel”, I noticed that it comes with 9 uneven amounts of race/class enhancer cards: 6 class (Legend & Elite) and 3 race (Elder).

I also happen to have a copy of “Reloaded!” that I have not yet integrated into my play deck. But I noticed that THAT set comes with 9 race/class enhancers as well: 3 class (Master) and 6 race (Dark & High).

Which means combining these two sets results in an even 18 cards, 9 cards of each, to perfectly balance out both types of enhancers. I think this is both fascinating and a bit baffling knowing that “Reloaded!” (or “Game Changers”) is not considered a main expansion. That is to say, they are not part of the core Munchkin experience defined by the coveted numeral naming system.

Call me a Thanos but I like my Munchkin deck to be as balanced as possible. I actually enjoy analyzing the game, keeping track of card types and trying to make the experience as diverse and “fair” as it can get (with respect to the spirit of Munchkin). Which is why I’m so intrigued by this “Half Horse/Reloaded” combo situation. It seems obvious that these two sets intentionally compliment each other. That could not have been an accident. So, was this on purpose? And what other booster sets and mini expansions have had a direct influence on the main (i.e. numbered) fantasy expansions?
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Old 01-16-2020, 02:44 PM   #2
Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Half Horse... Half Reloaded?? Do Boosters Influence Expansions?

This was an interesting question that I saved until I was back at the office and then it fell off my radar until, um, now. Sorry about that.

The cards in the Munchkin Reloaded! expansion were originally found in the first set of Munchkin Dice, with six 10-sided spin-up dice used for Level counters. When we realized we weren't going to be able to republish that set for anything CLOSE to a reasonable price, I got permission to snarf up the cards and make a small expansion out of them so they wouldn't be lost to the ages.

At roughly the same time, I was working on Half Horse, Will Travel (a great name that I can't claim as my own). I decided to include more Class/Race enhancers in that set, and since Dice/Reloaded! had two Race enhancers and only one Class enhancer, I flipped the ratio for HHWT so there would be three of each.

Will there be more C/R enhancers down the road? I don't know. The logical place would a stand-alone Enhancers expansion, I suppose, but it would be the height of irresponsibility for me to leak that idea if we were actually scheduling it for the second half of 2020, so I wouldn't dream of doing that.
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Default Re: Half Horse... Half Reloaded?? Do Boosters Influence Expansions?

You guys are seriously the best company ever.
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balance, enhancers, expansions, half horse, reloaded

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