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Default Triplanetary - Alternate colors and scenarios

I would like to see a Kickstarter for a Triplanetary expansion that includes alternate colored forces, an expanded board (maybe leveraging the outer planets) and scenarios for 4 to 6 players (2 to 3 teams).

Just a thought...
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Default Re: Triplanetary - Alternate colors and scenarios

Have you seen the on-line variant material? It has rules for an expanded map.

An expanded board would have to be HUGE to encompass (for example) just the full orbit of Mars. Mostly empty space. PDF hex maps you can print out yourself might be the best way to do this. Cover them with plexiglass or what-not.
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Default Re: Triplanetary - Alternate colors and scenarios

Bear in mind, the positions of the planets on the current map are not random. For example, Earth and Mars are positioned so that A ) the Earth-Mars transport route runs parallel to the asteroid belt, with Clandestine positioned for tactically interesting pirate strikes on transports and escorting spaceships, and B ) this nice little battlefield is on the center two rows of panels, so you can fold away the Jovian system and the inner solar system and play this in only half the area.

Don't settle for expansion maps that aren't similarly well designed.
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