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Default Psionics in my Imperium

Psionics are illegal in the Third Imperium, since Psionic Suppressions. But what does that mean in practical terms? Are there special psion-hunting police organizations? What exactly is illegal? What is done with convicted psions?

Here is my take. In Imperial Territory:

It is not illegal to be psionic.

It is illegal to use psionic powers for any purpose.

It is illegal to train people in how to develop or use psionic powers. It is illegal to seek such training.

It is illegal to buy, sell, or possess psionic drugs other than Blocker.

It is illegal to buy, sell, or possess psionic equipment other than defensive items like shield helmets or jammers.

Appropriately authorized Imperial officials may permit such exceptions to these laws as they deem in the best interests of the Imperium.

The criminal penalties for simple use of psionic powers are generally not severe. For acts which are not part of other crimes, penalties are usually fines, short prison sentences, ongoing supervision by the authorities, etc. There may also be civil suits for things like invasion of privacy, insider trading, etc.

Use of psionic powers in the commission of a crime is a serious aggravating factor, and will be taken into account in the sentencing for that crime.

Obviously, planetary laws may be more restrictive or severe.

Note that the take in "GURPS Traveller Psionic Institutes" is bit different. While it talks about how there are actually a fair number of psionics in all walks of life in the Imperium, anyone definitely known to be psionic is going to end up recruited into one Imperial service or another, or in prison.
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jason taylor
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Default Re: Psionics in my Imperium

That sounds a bit right. There will be exceptions. Obviously organized crime will employ or enslave psis and powerful people will use psis as long as it's quiet and deniable.
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psionics, psionics suppressions

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