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Default Re: Creating fireball from campfire

This seems like it would be best to approach by not using magic as silks.

Realm magic generally uses some sort of progression like

Complex manipulate

Under such a progression a wizard would be able to toss fireballs from a campfire well before they could create a fireball from scratch.
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Default Re: Creating fireball from campfire

I like the idea of just using the regular fireball spell, but possibly giving a casting discount in either time, mana or both should the caster be able to touch already-existing fire with his/her body or staff.

A cool side effect to this would be the possibility of draining too much energy out of the lit fire and putting it out.

To the casual observer, it would appear that the wizard picked up the campfire and threw it at the Orc. That in itself may have some intimidation or "wow" factor. It could also have practical applications if the wizard grabs fire from the only lit torch in the otherwise very, very dark dungeon.

A bigger fire with more fuel would have more energy and be less likely to extinguish.

I'm definitely gonna use that in my Dungeon Fantasy game.

Good idea.
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Default Re: Creating fireball from campfire

The standard spell system doesn't mean to simulate every possible spell, so just make a new spell called Shape Fireball.
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