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Default Magic as Psi

I'm using the article from Pyramid 3-29 and was wondering if anyone had made a GCA file for it?

If not can someone give me a quick tutorial to create two advantages (or change the existing ones and save them separately) and a new skill?

I'm willing to do the work, I've just never done something like this before.

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Default Re: Magic as Psi

I'm not familiar with the Pyramid article, so I can't help you with specifics. Hopefully anyone who has that data already will speak up, if so.

If you already know a trait that works a lot like what you want, it's usually easiest to start with that, editing as needed, rather than to start with nothing. But you can use one of the '_New X' traits to work from scratch if you want.

Once you have trait, you can save it to a data file using the 'Save to Data File...' button on the Edit Items window (click the Full Edit Window button on the Simple Edit dialog). You'll need to make sure to load that data file as part of your data set for any new characters you want to give those traits to in the future, so give the file a good name.
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