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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

<Chelsea> "Oh hey I've blown up missile bases before."
<Mara> "And islands."
<Chelsea> "Last time was even deliberate!"
<Meatshield> "Chel! What did we agree on about exploding any more islands?"
<Chelsea> "Ask first?"
<Meatshield> "That's right!"

<Phantasm> [ Chel sees the undersides of what look to be giant stingrays flying along almost lazily, only they're ... furry. ]
<Chelsea> "Oh man those are *amazing*."
<Meatshield> "Great. Now I'm going to have to ride one. Stupid bucket list..."

<J'tarr> "I know the city and palace intimately. There's a dozen ways into the palace that aren't on the schematics. The palace guard only know of six."
* Mag raises an eyebrow. "Dozen, huh?"
* J'tarr smirks. "I was an inquisitive boy."

<Phantasm> [ One of the robot servants moves up to Vlad. "<You do not eat?>" it asks in Interlang. (assuming Vlad kept one of the translators from the space suits here.) ]
<Vlad_D> "Vlad doez eat, but not zhis."
<Meatshield> "Vlad does not drink... wine." Wiggles his eyebrows.

<Vlad_D> "My experience so far iz zhat vhile effective, my colleagues are not.... discreet."
<Meatshield> "Not discreet?! When have I ever dragged a bank vault down Main St, Vlad?"
* Mag snerks. "You'd so do that if you could!"
* Meatshield glances at Mag with a grin. "Yeah. I probably would... But I HAVEN'T!"
"Life ... is an Oreo cookie." - J'onn J-onzz, 1991

"But mom, I don't wanna go back in the dungeon!"

The GURPS Marvel Universe Reboot Project and its not-a-wiki-really web adaptation.
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